Acer K330 LED Pocket Projector Review

Acer K330 Projector Highlights

  • Small and lightweight – 2.87 lbs.
  • Good Brightness – 400+ lumens
  • Good contrast ratio – Up to 5000:1
  • Playback from USB drives and SD cards
  • 20,000 hour LED life
  • Variety of display modes
  • 3D capable
  • Ability to display from iPod or iPhone (requires optional adapter)

Acer K330 Projector Overview

The Acer K330 projector is a WXGA (1280 X 800) DLP projector that offers a step up in performance over the previously reviewed Acer K11.  The K330 is a bit larger than the K11, but still has no dimension over 9” and weighs less than 3 pounds.  The K330 can deliver over 400 lumens, making it more versatile than lower powered minis in less than ideal lighting conditions.  The K330 features an LED light source that is rated to last 20,000 hours, down somewhat from the K11’s 30,000 hour rating.  The K330 has a fixed lens, so there is no zooming which puts a premium on the ability to place the projector at the proper distance for the screen size desired, as well as at the proper height.  Fortunately, like the K11, the K330 has very good automatic digital keystone correction to facilitate setup.  The K330 can project up to an 80” diagonal image from less than 8 feet.

The K330 sports the most needed video inputs, including HDMI, VGA and composite video.  It can also project from a USB thumb drive, an SD card, or (with an optional adapter) from an iPod or iPhone.  This capability for PC-free presentations is a welcome feature on a mini projector that is likely to be used in a variety of venues.  There is also a built-in two watt speaker that is adequate for small rooms, but fortunately, there is also an audio output jack for external speakers.

Like we noted with the K11, the K330’s light weight and compact size makes it a good choice for traveling.  Like the K11, it does not have a battery option, but with the light output of the K330, a battery option is probably not feasible.  What is nice about the K330 is that its power supply is built in, so it only uses a standard power cord, thus improving portability.  The K330 also comes with a carrying case for easy portability.  The Acer K330’s combination of good brightness, decent contrast, good color accuracy, long lamp life and low price will please those in the market for a pico projector, but need more lumens than the typical pico projector.

Acer K330 Projector Special Features

Acer EcoProjection Technology – The Acer K330 has special power management circuitry that minimizes power draw in standby mode, as well as reducing power if there is no input signal for 5 minutes.

3D Ready – The Acer K330 is 3D ready via its implementation of DLP Link.

20,000 Hour LED Life – The Acer K330 uses an LED light source that is rated to last 20,000 hours.  This is likely longer than the life of the projector

Acer Empowering Technology – By pressing the special “e” button on the remote, the presenter can easily access the following:

  • Acer eView Management – Allows the user to quickly select one of the 7 display modes.
  • Acer eTimer Management – Allows the user to set reminders and timers for presentations.
  • Acer ePower Management – Allows the user to select lamp mode, high altitude setting and auto shutdown.
  • Acer e3D Management – Allows the user to enable 3D playback and settings.

Presentation From USB Thumb Drive, SD Card, iPhone, iPad or iPod – The Acer K330 has built-in ports for presentation from a USB thumb drive or SD card.  Through the use of an optional adapter, the Acer K330 can present photos and videos from iPhone/iPad/iPod.

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News and Comments

  • Papa Josh

    Can you check on acer k330 the amount of time you used?
    Cuz I’m planning to buy a second hand k330 purchased last May 2012 for $340 US I don’t know if it’s a good deal. The seller said he spent 1.5k hours with the projector and I just want to make sure.

    • omobob

      I hope you passed on this
      deal. The bulbs may very well last 20,000 hours but i’d be surprised
      if the fan did. If the fan or something else breaks down in two or
      three years the projector will stop working. I’ve yet to find
      anyplace that repairs them.

  • omobob

    The obvious advantage with
 the led projectors over ones with
    replaceable bulbs is the 
supposed longevity. I’ve had two and the
    fans on each one stopped
 working so the machine stops working.
    Bulbs may be fine, but the
machine won’t run when the fan breaks
    down. The first came shipped to
 me with a defective fan, so the
    store gladly replaced it with a new
 projector. This worked fine
    for twenty months, then the second fan
 stopped working. At that
    point I was out of the one year warranty and
 thus out of luck.

    Acer doesn’t even pretend to do repairs on their
 out of warranty
    merchandise. The call center forwarded my call to a 
third party
    shop that informed me they didn’t actually fix the Acer 
    in question (I got irate because I didn’t understand why 
    transferred my call to someone who wasn’t able to repair their

    product, even for an additional fee).

The similar projectors
    that use bulbs generally have a much higher lumen rate, and when the

    bulb wears down in a year or two you can replace it (the bulbs are
expensive, but less expensive than having a machine that can’t
fixed). I’ve also noticed several third party places that seem
repair fans, etc on various bulbed projectors. I’d advise
    finding a 
brand that can be repaired when (not ‘if’, when) it
    breaks past the 
warranty date and accept the fact that you’ll have
    to put in fifty or 
a hundred bucks annually to keep your machine

Or find a much cheaper led 
projector with a higher
    lumen rate. Buy that instead of this brand
 and just assume it will
    break down in a few years and you’ll have to
 throw it away.