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Acer K335 Projector - Physical Tour

Posted on February 3, 2014 by Art Feierman

Acer K335 Projector - Physical Tour

The Acer K335 has a square, white plastic case.  The lens is located toward the right side of front panel and protrudes from the front of the projector by about 1/4 inch.  The lens is surrounded by a manual focus ring.  An IR receiving eye for the remote control is located near the center of the projector's front panel.   On the left side of the front panel is an exhaust vent.

On the bottom there a  height adjustable screw foot near the front of the projector for adjusting the height (i.e., tilt) of the projector).

On top of the projector, toward the rear, is a control panel with basic control functions.  There are buttons for Power (with indicator light), Source selection, Menu and menu navigation (Up/Down/Left/Right buttons).   There are also buttons for Enter and Back that can be used for media playback (e.g., slideshow).  The Enter button also serves as a play/pause button.

Exhaust vents are on both sides of the projector and the rear panel has the connections for the power cable plus the A/V connections include HDMI, VGA, composite video, audio input and audio output.  Also on the rear panel is the slot for inserting a SD memory card plus USB and mini-USB ports.


Acer K335 Projector - Remote Control

Acer K335 Remote


The K335’s remote control is a very small, fits conveniently into the user's hand and includes all of the essential buttons.  Buttons are appropriately grouped and covers many of the important functions without forcing the user to access them through multiple layers of menus.

In addition to the usual Power, Menu and menu Navigation buttons (the Right/Left buttons also adjust the built-in speaker volume), there are also buttons for aspect ratio, source selection, video “hide” (which blanks the display), image digital zoom (remember their is no optical zoom on this projector), 3D and mode.  Additionally, the lower one third of the remote includes buttons to control selection and playback of media files.  This allows the user to bring up an on-screen menus to select the source (e.g., to select media on a USB drive or SD card), and to then control the playback of files or sequences of files (i.e., slide show).

As is the standard for remotes of this type, the buttons are not backlit or glow-in-the-dark.

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