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The PH530 from Acer: Projector Review - Warranty

Posted on October 23, 2007 by Art Feierman

The PH530 from Acer: Projector Review - Warranty

The Acer PH530 home theater projector comes with a basic warranty - one year parts and labor. Even in the entry level price range, some home theater projectors, most notably the Optoma HD70 (two year warranty), and the Sanyo PLV-Z5 (three years), have longer warranties. In fairness, the Sanyo is several hundred dollars more, as is the Epson Home Cinema 400 (two years, with replacement program). Still, considering the high cost of repair of projectors, I generally urge that you look for a projector with a 2 year factory warranty. Failing that, try to buy yourself a 2nd year 3rd party warranty, which are typically under $100. By the end of a two year warranty, should a major failure occur, you'll likey be able to buy a newer, superior projector, for less than the cost of repair and replacing an aging lamp. There are enough entry level home theater projectors with a one year warranty, so I'll say that the Acer PH530 projectors warranty, is typical, if a bit on the short side.

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