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Which one is ‘Best’?

By Art Feierman

Like many question in life, there is no single answer to this question.  This should not be surprising, since different users have different needs, intending to use their projectors for different applications and have different cost constraints.  I have provided some information in the next section of this article about what’s good and what’s not so great with each of these projection technologies.  A good starting point to see how projectors compare at different price points to take at look at the following two reports here at Projector Review:

For highly portable business class projectors, single chip DLP projectors, using LEDs as their light source, are the smallest and lightest available and are low priced.  You can either go with the truly miniture LED-based pocket size projectors with their limited light output or with the larger LED-based pico models with higher light output.  You will find the links for reviews of both classes of portable business projectors from the Projector Reviews home page.  Check out our Guide to Pico and Pocket Projectors.

For more tradition full size business projectors both DLP and 3LCD models are popular.  Check out our a Guide to Business Projectors.

Use of projectors is becoming more popular with serious “gamers.”  For fast action game play one important factor is video input lag, or the time from when an image (i.e., video frame) is input to the projector and the delay before that video frame is displayed on the screen.  Several excellent home theater projectors may not work well for gaming because they may have an input lag of 80 milliseconds or more.  While certain LCD and LCoS models offer a game mode with reduced input lag, low and moderate priced DLP projectors almost universally have low input lag making then well suited for gaming.  If you are looking for a projector that is good for both movie viewing in a home theater environment and also good for gaming then one of the mid-level DLP models or perhaps one of the few mid-level LCoS or LCD models that specifically offer a game mode would be your best bet.

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