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The Future of Affordable Laser Projectors

By Art Feierman

In another 3-4 years, I wouldn’t be too surprised if laser projectors became available under $1000, which, in turn, could be the beginning of the end of lamp-based models.

A last thought or two – laser projectors produce a superior, wider color gamut than lamps do.  So where superior color is called for, remember than laser projectors have an inherent advantage.

Laser projectors are getting smaller – check out this image of Sony’s commercial laser projector line-up.  I’ve photoshopped in, one of their new "affordable" models, the scale should be very representative of how small the new ones are by comparison!

Sony Laser Projector Family

Sony makes a range of laser projectors, with several over $25,000. Most dwarf their first “affordable” laser projectors.  


The Bottom Line

The laser projectors are coming!

There may not be laser projectors in your price range, at least not yet, but it may not be very long before affordable laser projectors start grabbing significant market share, because they will be able to offer a solid value proposition.

PS. Kudos to Sony for announcing the first $2000ish laser projector.  Of course, it will be shipping in June about the time of our industry's  big "Displays"  trade show - Infocomm is held.  Don't  be surprised to hear about other players announcing their first affordable laser projectors at Infocomm, for shipping dates later in 2017 or early 2018, but it looks like Sony will be the first to ship.   

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