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Epson Pro L30000 High End Commercial Laser Projector Unveiled at ISE 2019

By Nikki Zelinger

Epson has announced a new addition to their high end line, the Epson Pro L30000U at ISE 2019 in Amsterdam this week. This series consists of the L30000 and the older Pro L25000U, and is intended for commercial applications. That’s live events like music and theatrical productions, conventions, conferences, talks, as well as corporate, education, exhibition, hospitality and house of worship functions. Built with performance and power in mind, the Epson Pro L30000U is a beast of a projector worthy of consideration for high-end applications.

The Pro L10 Series Specs


The Epson Pro L30000U is named for its 30,000 lumen claim. This is plenty for those live events where there will be a lot of stage lighting, such as concerts, stage performances and public speaking, and house of worship functions. Adding to the L30000U’s ability to handle an immense amount of ambient light is its 3LCD technology. 3LCD projectors produce as many color lumens as they do white ones, so you can rest assured that the color in your projections will remain vibrant throughout the event.


The L30000U’s native resolution is WUXGA (1920 x 1200), so it is inherently sharp. Adding to its detail, Epson has endowed this projector with their PRO-UHD chip, which pixel shifts the image for 4K enhancement. The projector accepts 4K content and will project a nicely sharp, stellar image whether your applications be business or education. The Epson Pro L30000U is compatible with 8, 4K ready lenses ranging from 15% vertical lens shift to a very generous 65%.

The Hardware


The L30000U has a wired LAN (RJ-45) connector and HDBaseT for running audio, video and control signals over long distances using a low-cost CAT6 cable, up to 100 meters in length. This is a tremendously desirable feature for large venue environments, where the control booth may be quite far from the projector itself.

It also has a DVI-D input, an HDMI (HDCP 2.2) for accepting 4K content, a Service port, and two SDI inputs – one for Monitor Out and one for 3G/HD/SD. In addition, the projector has BNC ports, an input for wired remote control, two VGA connectors (Computer In and Monitor Out), and the obligatory RS-232c connector for old-school command and control.

The Special Features

The Epson L30000U has a sealed optical engine, protecting the lens and light path from dust blobs and other foreign objects that may degrade the quality of the image. The projector uses Epson’s liquid cooling system, which is highly efficient and seriously ups the value proposition of this projector in terms of maintenance.


This Epson is optimized for multi-projector setups, thanks to its compatibility with Epson’s free Projector Professional Tool software. With this software, there is no need for a remote control, and you can control multiple units simultaneously via wired and wireless networks. It has intuitive GUI and easy control.


The L30000U has a feature called Auto Color Adjustment. This feature uses a built-in camera and the laser light engine to adjust for color uniformity. After several thousand hours, the color of a projector can shift. This happens faster on lamp based projectors than those with laser light engines, but it is a fact of life nonetheless.

The Auto Color Adjustment feature “detects subtle color inconsistencies between multiple projectors and screens that have become unevenly colored over time,” according to Epson. This function can be used manually or be set to automatically check at even intervals.

Epson's Marketshare

Epson is a big name in the projector industry, boasting 53% of the marketshare in the United States and Canada. This does not include pico and pocket type projectors, as this is a segment Epson doesn’t play in – they prefer the more “serious” projector game. These new releases mark their growing marketshare of revenues in over-6,000-lumen-projectors.

Epson has been dramatically expanding into the medium-large and large venue markets, and specialty projectors (such as those with projection mapping). Epson now has 32% of the 6K-lumen-and-up market in terms of revenues. That’s a 33% increase from just a year ago. Not bad, Epson!

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