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NEC P525WL and P525UL Laser Projectors with LCD Technology

By Nikki Zelinger
NEC P525WL P525UL Featured Image

NEC has launched two new laser projectors for business and education applications. The NEC P525WL and NEC P525UL projectors are intended for installation in higher education classrooms, larger conference rooms, and other such locations where a large, clear picture is required. These two projectors are replacing their predecessors, the P502WL-2 and P502HL-2, with some serious updates to their technology and design.

New Technology

While LCD technology is not new to NEC, it is for these two upgrades. The previous models, the P502WL-2 and P502HL-2, both used DLP technology. The NEC P525WL and NEC P525UL, however, have LCD light engines. These 5,200 lumen LCD projectors project clear, high-quality images in ambient light heavy environments, such as what is seen in many classrooms and conference rooms.

Low Maintenance

These two new projectors from NEC are low maintenance! Their LCD light engines, coupled with NEC’s original sealed optical technology, eliminates the need for a filter. Instead of filters, the projectors use NEC’s unique cooling technology. No filters means low maintenance, which is a major plus for education and business environments, especially if installing a fleet of these projectors.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, having a sealed light path is beneficial in that it protects the optics from dust blobs – ugly, discolored blobs on your projected image, caused by dust settling in the light path. This prevents some potentially costly maintenance from being necessary.

The LCD light engine gives even greater benefits when it comes to maintenance, as the light engine has a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours. Though standard for light engines of this type, the LCD technology provides 8,000 to 12,000 hours more than the longest life spans of the best-of-the-best lamp based projectors. Though lamps are typically low cost, they need to be replaced every few years, which adds up in cost of materials and installation.

Product Features

The NEC P525WL and NEC P525UL projectors have a feature called Constant Brightness, which makes the projectors capable of producing consistent-looking images for their lifespan. The P525WL sports WXGA resolution, while the P525UL boasts WUXGA resolution. Both are 4K-ready, which is a great feature for higher education environments where a sharp image is necessary, such as in scientific or engineering applications. They feature manual horizontal and vertical lens shift with a 1.60:1 zoom lens, and HDBaseT, giving the projectors great placement flexibilities – something that is much desired in installation projectors.

The NEC P525WL and P525UL projectors offer wireless capabilities for improved collaboration between presenters. Using an Optional Wireless Module (NP05LM1) and their MultiPresenter software, up to 16 devices can be simultaneously connected. The projectors also feature two HDMI inputs, a USB with 2.0A support for powering third-party devices (such as external hard drives), and your standard LAN connector.

These two projectors come with a phenomenal 5-year warranty, coupled with NEC’s InstaCare replacement program. Both projectors are currently shipping, with the NEC P525WL priced at $2,299 and the NEC P525UL priced at $3,099. For additional information, check them out at the NEC website.

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