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About Cloud Presenting/Teaching

By Art Feierman

About Cloud Presenting/Teaching

We reviewed a Cloud Projector.  The term Cloud is usually a confusing one.  (First of all, most “clouds” are really server farms in basements of buildings.  More to the point, cloud presenting tends to mean sharing across physical distances.   Have two classrooms with interactive projectors that can talk over the network.  One perhaps in NYC and the other in Newark, or maybe San Francisco.  Draw on one, and the drawings are projected on the other projector’s screen or whiteboard simultaneously.   A single class or presentation could be shared by a professor on main campus with students in classrooms at other campuses, where they have “cloud capable” projectors.

In reality the term really is a fancy way to describe a lot of network presentations capabilities.  “Cloud” just makes it sound sexier.   Let’s say that cloud or advanced network presentations can be a powerful tool whether or not there’s a cloud projector on the other end.   A teacher could use an interactive cloud projector in their classroom, so that a student at home with the flu can see all the projecting on their home monitor or laptop, assuming it too has the necessary communications skills.

Cloud supporting projectors are typically interactive, work with tablets as well as computers, and are some of the more expensive options out there.

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