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About Interchangeable Lenses

By Art Feierman

About Interchangeable Lenses

When you encounter projectors that offer a selection of lenses, that means two things typically.  The maximum in placement flexibility is the big advantage, and high pricing is the disadvantage. Typically one would not need a projector with lens options in a K-12 classroom, and most likely not in higher ed classrooms although lens options might be an advantage in some of those huge classrooms.  More typically projectors with interchangeable lenses are likely to be placed in small auditoriums, large multi-purpose rooms, and other unusual rooms where a projector might need to be placed very far back from the screen  to have easy access to the projector.   Although most projectors that offer lens selection have an affordable bundle with a standard zoom lens, know that most “other” lenses will sell typically from $1500 to $3500 depending on the lens, the overall projector’s cost, and other factors.

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