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About PC Free Presenting, BYOD, Presenting Over Network

By Art Feierman

About PC Free Presenting, BYOD, Presenting Over Network

As new teaching methods have more students “presenting” in class, many techniques are in use, to make it simpler for a teacher to turn over the technology to their students.

Projectors that support PC Free Presenting from USB give the basic capabilities.  As long as a way to plug in a USB into the projector (or a cable extension from the projector), is available, students can put a presentation on a USB thumb drive and quickly plug in, and control that presentation as a slideshow, with many of today’s projectors.

Some of our reviewed projectors have just simple USB presenting, but most now have media players with support for videos, jpgs, and also documents from Microsoft Office (Powerpoint, Excel, Word) and also PDF support.  Digital zoom, slide show features with transitions, optical pointing and other projector features can further enhance a student’s (or teacher’s) computer free presentation.

Presenting and teaching using an App with an iPad or Android tablet can provide even greater capability, although one would expect that type of control to be found more in a higher education environment than a K-12 classroom.

Presenting Over networks is another way technology give the teacher greater ability to have students share their work.  With some of the projectors reviewed for the report this year, in a wired (or using wireless) classroom, a few projectors can see (through the network) anywhere from a handful, to a classroom full of computers, and be able to project as many as four computer’s screens at once (in four quadrants).  That ability can be great for comparing work of students, or for student collaboration.   Presenting over Networks may also allow a teacher to show content stored on a central server, elsewhere in the school, district or university campus.

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