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About Wired Networking and Networking Protocols

By Art Feierman

About Wired Networking and Networking Protocols

The trend is to have schools and districts networked.  There are a number of obvious advantages I will shortly mention.  Let’s start though by saying that other than the pocket projectors many of the rest in this report either have wired networking built in, or there are alternative models in the same series that do offer wired networking.  If you need it, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding projectors that offer it, that match your needs in terms of other features and costs.

Some projectors will allow presentations over the network, that’s accomplished one of several ways, which may even rely on media players on board in the projector.

Wired networking means command and control.  It normally also means monitoring.  That is, a network administrator can typically see if a projector is on or off, if working correctly or not, how many lamp hours before replacement, etc.  Some of the smarter projectors go a step further in that they may alert the network administrator by email or notification method when servicing, lamp replacement etc. are required.

Many projectors offer advanced networking, and while we don’t test networking, we consider projectors being certified for Crestron’s Roomview, or AMX Discovery as being tested and supporting those networking protocols.

Those tend to add a lot of additional capabilities.  Consider push notifications as an example.  As I write this, the newspapers are headlining Tornados in Mississippi.   A conceivable use might be a network administrator with advanced networking control, could simultaneously fire up every turned off projector (that supports this networking) in the school district.  Once they are all on, they could push through a notification repeatedly  Perhaps:

“TORNADO WARNING”  All students and teachers take immediate shelter.”

Then they could turn off all the projectors 10 minutes later.

We aren’t really networking people here at Projector Reviews, so we leave decisions relating to basic or advanced wired networking to your IT and Network administrator folks.

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