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About Wireless Networking

By Art Feierman

About Wireless Networking

With many manufacturers current projectors its common to see some models without wireless networking and other similar ones with, giving the buyer the choice.  Also popular are wireless modules, that allow a projector without wireless networking built in, to add it inexpensively.

While wireless can be very useful in the classroom to interface a projector with students computers and tablets, as well as guest lecturers, wireless networking alone is not normally an alternative to serious “wired” networking features that allow command and control from centralized school or district support.

Today for most wireless networking, you simply need a tablet and app, or a computer that has wireless networking to be in business.  After that, it comes down to what features are supported.  Some of today’s projectors will even allow up to four computers to display data simultaneously from student devices, via wireless.  (That can also be accomplished by some projectors with wired networking.

Wireless can be a quick and easy way to have people plug in and present/teach.   With tablets, wireless may also allow interactive features such as annotating.

More than half of the 18 projectors we use as examples in this report either have wireless networking built in, or have it as an option.  It is particularly common on pocket projectors, as they are the most mobile of projectors.

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