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Vivitek Launched New Line of Large Venue and Conference Room Projectors at InfoComm 2019

By Nikki Zelinger

A 360-degree image circled the interior of the Vivitek booth at InfoComm 2019. Fifteen projectors made up the installation, using edge-blending technology to seamlessly merge each image into the next, for a truly impressive display. This year at InfoComm, Vivitek launched a new large venue lineup consisting of three projectors designed with the professional market in mind, as well as two new conference room projectors.

The New Large Venue Projectors

Vivitek aims to engineer their projectors for easy installation and minimal maintenance, which is one of the elements that makes them so attractive to commercial businesses. The new DU8195Z, DU7098Z, and DU7295Z projectors each offer their own unique flair for use in a professional environment, as well as collectively providing high-quality projection for up to 20,000 hours of operation.

The Vivitek DU8195Z

The Vivitek DU8195Z is a WUXGA (1920x1200) resolution projector that boasts an impressive 13,500 lumens, making it a great choice for bright environments such as museums, entertainment venues, houses of worship, and retail spaces. Its laser light engine brings more power to the party, as projectors with laser light engines tend to have an overall more vibrant look than their lamp based counterparts.

The Vivitek DU7095Z


The Vivitek DU7098Z is equipped with next-generation laser projection technology and claims 7,000 lumens. This projector would also be well suited for the large venue environments mentioned above, as well as lecture halls and auditoriums. This projector has sealed optics and no need for filters, which seriously cuts down on maintenance time and costs.

The Vivitek DU7295Z


The final projector in this line is the 9,000 lumen Vivitek DU7295Z, which has seven interchangeable lens options. Thanks to this, the DU7295Z has the most placement flexibility of the three. Add to that its vertical and horizontal lens shift functions, installation of this projector should be a breeze. This projector also features a laser light engine.

The New Conference Room Projectors

In addition to their large venue line up, Vivitek announced two new projectors for conference room applications. The Vivitek DH3360Z is a 1080p, lamp-free, 4,500 lumen projector with vertical lens shift and a 1.50:1 zoom lens.

The DK10000Z is a 4K UHD, lamp-free projector with 10,000 lumens, making it ideal for the brightest of the bright conference rooms, board rooms, office environments, and even some larger venue environments.

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