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Ask Proxima C3327W-A Projector Review - Special Features

Posted on May 16, 2014 by Art Feierman
ASK PROXIMA C3327W-A PROJECTOR – SPECIAL FEATURES: Picture Split and Edge Blending, Built-in Test Patterns, Partial Image Zoom, Closed Captioning

Picture Split and Edge Blending

This feature allows the user to combine multiple projectors without the use of an external splitter to create a large, seamless image.  Multiple projectors can be aligned horizontally or vertically.  The edge blending ensures a seamless transition from one projected image to the next.


Built-in Test Patterns

The Ask Proxima C3327W-A has a number of built-in test patterns that can be accessed directly from the remote.  These patterns include four grayscale patterns to assist in setting the white balance, as well as a color bar and individual red, green and blue screens to adjust the color balance.  For aiding with initial setup, there is a cross hatch pattern that can be used to square the image with the screen.

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Partial Image Zoom

The C3327W-A has a digital zoom that can be positioned to zoom in on a particular section or detail.  This allows the presenter to focus on a specific line item or area of an otherwise complex displayed image.

Closed Captioning

The Ask Proxima C3327W-A provides four channels of closed captioning (CC1-4) which typically allows for both English text captioning and a secondary language captioning (varies depending on the source).  This is very useful for presentations where the presenter might be dealing with audiences that are hearing-impaired or are comprised of a number of people for which the audio is not in their primary language.

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