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Asus P2B Pocket Projector Review - Summary

Posted on April 3, 2014 by Art Feierman
The Asus P2B projects an image that is bright enough for business presentations to a small audience.   Projected images have well saturated colors but with an overall cool color temperature.  Accuracy of colors is a little weak with the P2B and the overall sharpness of the image is a little soft.  However, the P2B scores points for its great features for the on-the-go business traveler.  This model has great capabilities for computer-free operation with 2GB of built-in user memory, plus connectors for microSD and USB flash drives, and the ability to read and display a wide array of video, photo, audio and document files without the need to connect to a laptop or tablet.  Also the built-in battery offers 90 minutes of run time which should be enough for most presentations.  The P2B is really fast and easy to get up and running meaning little time will be wasted in getting the presentation underway.

Asus P2B 4-Pic8


  • Great features for computer-free presentations:  directly display photos, video, audio and documents (MS Office, text and Acrobat pdf) from the projector's internal memory or a microSD or USB flash memory drive
  • Internal battery provides 90 minutes of runtime, for when AC power is not convenient
  • Very quick setup possible for very little wasted time in getting a presentation underway
  • Moderately short throw lens, automatic vertical keystone correction and a flip-down stand (for tilting the projector upward) make placement easy and a tripod socket is provided for use where a table is not conveniently located
  • Provided carrying case sized for the projector, power supply and remote and supplied carrying case is small enough to easily fit inside a business brief case.
  • Projects a brighter image than the smaller pico projectors and it still small enough to be very easy for the business traveler to take on road trips.
  • Projected images have good contrast and good color saturation


  • Focus is a little soft (not unusual for this class of pocket projector) making text readability on presentations not quite as good as with the best pocket and portable projectors
  • All of the P2B's available Picture Modes provide a cool color temperature without offering any picture mode that is close to the 6500K value recommended for video and photos
  • The P2B's color accuracy is only so-so making this model perhaps not the best choice for presentations that need good color accuracy for presenting high quality photos and/or video
  • Very small, low powered speaker only useful in small conference rooms
  • Color Brightness is only about 1/3 that of White Brightness so the perceived brightness of the projected images, especially videos and photos, will be less what may be expected given the manufacturer's lumen specification.  Note: This can be an issue also with certain other DLP pico and pocket projectors.



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