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AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro Laser TV Projector Review

Posted on July 9, 2024 by Phil Jones
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AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro

The AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro is a 4K ultra-short throw projector with a suggested retail price of $5,999 (current street price $5499). It is positioned at the higher end of the Laser TV market. The projector utilizes a DLP (.045” DMD) with XPR to display 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) onscreen resolution. The high-quality Ricoh Ultra-Short Throw lens assembly is designed to deliver a sharp image on screen sizes ranging from 80 to 150 inches.

It uses a tri-laser laser light source that can deliver a rated brightness of 3300 ANSI lumens (3500 peak lumens) and produces 107% of the BT.2020 color gamut. The projector’s high brightness ensures clear, vibrant images even in well-lit rooms.

AWOL Vision has carved a niche in the home theater market with its innovative approach to projector technology. AWOL Vision has quickly become a trusted name among entertainment enthusiasts, known for combining high-performance, user-friendly features with a wide range of accessories.

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AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro Specs
Price$5999.00 (MSRP)
TechnologyDLP (0.47" DMD)
Displayed Resolution3840 x2160
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim)3300 ANSI Lumens (3500 Peak Lumens)
Light SourceRGB triple laser
Zoom Lens RatioFixed
Lens ShiftNo
Lamp Life25,000 Hrs
Sound System36w stereo
Weight 23.8 lbs
WarrantyTwo (2) Years


AWOL Vision burst onto the market about five years ago and has grown to be one of the leading Laser TV manufacturers. Since its beginning, AWOL Vision has focused on delivering complete entertainment solutions by offering projectors and a wide range of screens and cabinets.

The AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro, with its 4K resolution, laser light source, and 3500 ANSI lumens brightness, is a formidable contender in the home theater projector market. With a current selling price of $5,499, it caters to a higher-end audience that prioritizes high-quality visuals and advanced features.

The AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro is designed for home entertainment enthusiasts who demand the best picture quality and versatility. It’s ideal for those looking to create a cinematic experience in their living room without the need for a dedicated dark room. Common applications include movie watching, gaming, and even professional presentations where image clarity and color accuracy are paramount.

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The AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro is powered by a bright RGB triple laser light source

Many laser TVs are built on the same backbone or platform, but the components chosen, and the manufacturer's engineering expertise determine what really separates one Laser TV from another.

AWOL Vision uses some of the industry's best suppliers for the projector's laser light engine components. The LTV-3500 Pro has a Texas Instruments 0.47 Digital Micromirror Device (DMD), a NICHA RGB laser diode light source, and a state-of-the-art Ricoh all-glass lens. Premium components, combined with great picture tuning, have resulted in performance that rivals any major Projector manufacturer.

AWOL Vision has always chosen the best components and tried to incorporate the latest technologies, including Tri-Laser light sources, better optics, and features like Dolby Vision and HDR 10+.

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The LTV-3500 Pro replaces the LTV-3500. While things like brightness, resolution, and color gamut coverage are identical, the new model offers some notable upgrades. A new Enhanced Adaptive Black Level feature increases native contrast to 2000:1 and it is designed to deliver brighter highlights and more shadow detail when viewing SDR and HDR content.

The “Pro” at the end of the model name indicates that the LTV-3500 Pro is designed to work seamlessly with a range of Home Installation control systems. PR Link IP Control Protocol ensures integration with the most popular Smart Home systems like Control 4, Savant, URC, and Creston.

The LTV-3500 Pro is at the higher end of the AWOL Vision lineup, offering more brightness. It is a step up from the award-winning LTV-3000 Pro we reviewed about a year ago. AWOL Vision offers three ultra-short-throw projectors. The chart below highlights the differences, which is basically brightness. 

AWOL Vision Laser TV Model Comparison
ModelLTV-3500 ProLTV-3000 ProLTV-2500
Price (SRP)$5999 SRP$3999$2999
Brightness3300 ANSI Lumens2400 ANSI Lumens2000 ANSI Lumens
Light SourceTri-LaserTri-LaserTri-Laser
Displayed Resolution3840 x 21603840 x 21603840 x 2160
Native Contrast2500:12500:12500:1
Len AssemblyRicoh F2.0Ricoh F2.0Ricoh F2.0
Dimensions23.6" x 13.9" x 5.7"23.6" x 13.9" x 5.7"23.6" x 13.9" x 5.7"
Weight23.8 lbs21 lbs21 lbs

To satisfy the desires of hardcore film buffs, the LTV-3500 Pro also includes a 24 FPS Filmmaking mode designed to replicate the experience of viewing a film in a professional movie theater so viewers can enjoy an immersive cinematic-looking image in their homes.

The LTV-3500 Pro is bundled with an Amazon FireStick 4K Max dongle to handle the projector's smart features. The FireStick 4K Max gives you access to a wide range of streaming services and supports Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HDR10+, and Dolby Atmos audio.

The LTV-3500 Pro can be purchased as an individual component or as part of a complete entertainment system with a screen and cabinet.

AWOL Vision provided me with a 120-inch motorized floor-rising screen ($2299 MSRP) outfitted with ambient light-rejecting material. They also sent a cabinet to hold both the projector and the screen called the AWOL Vision Station ($1199 MSRP).

AWOL-Vision-Station-wScreen - Projector Reviews Images
AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro, combined with the Vision Station and 120" Uprising ALR screen, is an outstanding Laser TV solution.

One of the benefits of the Station is that the cabinet positions the LTV-3500 Pro so the image is perfectly aligned with the screen. The fact that the projector, cabinet, and screen are designed to work together ensures optimal picture quality and a simplified setup.

Normally, I evaluate projectors in my media room or my home office/lab, but the AWOL vision system is designed to be utilized in a regular living space that often includes low to moderate ambient light.

I set up the AWOL Vision Laser TV system in my living room/dining area. The cabinet was placed in front of a large bay of windows overlooking my back deck. The system offers amazing installation flexibility since mounting a traditional fixed or retractable screen is unnecessary.

When the LTV-3500 Pro is turned on, the screen rises automatically. A major advantage of the uprising screen and the low-profile cabinet is that my views were not impeded when the LTV3500-Pro was switched off. My wife loved that the system disappeared when not in use.

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The AWOL Station houses the LTV-3500 Pro and a motorized uprising 120" ALR Screen. The system delivered a vibrant image even during the day.

The LTV-3500 Pro is probably one of the most full-featured technologically advanced UST projectors on the market. When it comes to features, the AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro checks every box. You would be hard-pressed to name a technology/feature found on a competitive model but not the LTV3500 Pro.

The LTV-3500 Pro did not disappoint when it came to picture quality. The unit easily rivals the best Laser TVs on the market in terms of color accuracy, black level, and image detail.


  • $5,999 MSRP
  • Single Chip 0.47" DLP Texas Instruments DMD
  • RGB triple laser light source w/o phosphor color wheel
  • Ricoh all-glass f2.0 optics
  • Speckle reduction technology
  • Laser light source life of 25,000+ hours
  • 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160) displayed resolution
  • 3300 ANSI Lumens (3,500 Peak lumens)
  • 2,500:1 contrast ratio
  • HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and HLG signal support
  • 8-point keystone correction
  • Electronic focus control
  • Premium sound 36 watt onboard sound system
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Wi-Fi 6 wireless connectivity
  • 3X HDMI 2.0b with one eARC
  • Android 9.0 OS
  • Includes Amazon Fire Stick 4K Max with NetFlix supported
  • Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa via Smart Home functionality
  • 3D compatible
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 23.6" x 13.9" x 5.7" (599 mm x 353 mm x 145 mm)
  • Weight 21lbs
  • 2 year warranty



The AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro measures 23.6 x 14.6 x 5.2 inches and weighs around 28.6 pounds, making it relatively compact for an ultra-short throw projector. This design allows it to fit seamlessly into most living spaces. Cosmetically, the LTV-3000 Pro looks nearly identical to the LTV-3000 Pro that we reviewed a while back, but it is slightly larger and heavier.

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  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Sample-front-angle - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Sample-right-side - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Sample-rear - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Sample-rear-angle - Projector Reviews Images

The front of the projector holds the speaker system, an LED status light, an IR receiver, and an Ambient light sensor. The unit's chassis has no controls except for a Power On/Off button located at the top right side. The intake and exhaust vents are on the sides on the chassis.

The LTV-3500 Pro rear panel holds a comprehensive array of inputs and connectors, including two HDMI ports (one supporting eARC), USB ports, an optical audio out, and an Ethernet port. 

The HDMI ports support ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), so the projector can automatically switch to Game Mode when gaming content is detected. This makes it an excellent choice for gamers seeking minimal input lag.

A compartment hidden behind the panel also houses a dedicated HDMI input for the streaming stick and an additional USB power supply port, so there is no need for Fire TV’s AC adapter.

AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Sample-dongle-compartment- Projector Reviews Images


Awol Vision Ltv-3000 Lens - Projector Reviews - Image

The LTV-3500 Pro’s lens offers a fixed 0.25:1 throw ratio optimized for ultra-short throw projection. The projector can display a 100’ image about 10 inches from the screen. The LTV-3500 Pro will work with screens as large as 150 inches.  

AWOL Vision stated that the Ricoh F2.0 lens assembly is crafted to provide sharp, clear images with a throw ratio. The lens includes power focus and delivered good edge-to-edge sharpness during our testing on my 100” and 120” screens.

Awol Vision Ltv-3000 Throw Ratio Chart - Projector Reviews - Image


Awol Vision Ltv-3000 Pro Remote Control - Projector Reviews - Image

The silver plastic remote control includes common buttons for power, input selection, and volume control. In addition to these more standard controls, AWOL Vision has added direct buttons for brightness, sound, file explorer, and network functionality. The LTV3500 Pro has a built-in media player, which can also be controlled using the projector’s remote control.

The projector is bundled with an Amazon Fire Stick, which includes its own remote. You will need to use both remotes during the initial setup. Once the projector and Fire Stick 4K Max are configured, you can use the projector’s remote to control both via HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronic Control). While you can use one remote most of the time, you must grab the other remote to make some adjustments. For example, you need to use the Home button on the FireTV remote to access the dongle’s App Home page directly.


The projector uses an Android 0S 9.0-based menu system. The projector’s settings menu is intuitively designed, with a well-organized layout that makes navigation straightforward. It offers detailed picture adjustment settings, including White Balance, Color Temperature, and a comprehensive Color Management System (CMS). Users can easily fine-tune the image to their preferences, ensuring the best possible viewing experience. With the exception of a media player and casting, the LTV-3500 Pro does not have many built-in smart features. 

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  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Menu-1 - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Menu-3 - Projector Reviews Images

Like all AWOL Vision Laser TVs, the LTV-3500 Pro is bundled with an Amazon FireStick 4K Max, which allows you to access a wide range of streaming services, smart apps, and Amazon Alexa. The Amazon FireStick 4K Max dongle features a quad-core 1.8 GHz processor, which is 40% more powerful than the older Fire TV Stick 4K.  It supports Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HDR10+, and Dolby Atmos audio. 

I prefer it when smart features are fully integrated into the projector operating system because I only need one remote.  However, I noticed that apps started faster and ran more smoothly than many smart projectors I reviewed. Since you can easily replace the Amazon dongle with a newer version, the LTV-3500 Pro's smart capabilities can be easily upgraded. 



  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Color (1) - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Color (2) - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Color (3) - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Color (4) - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Color-7 - Projector Reviews Images

The LTV-3500 Pro includes several preset picture modes: STANDARD, VIVID, SPORT MOVIE, GAME, and USER. The STANDARD and MOVIE were the most accurate picture modes out of the box. It is also nice that the accurate modes do not dramatically reduce the projector’s light output, so they are suitable for watching movies in low to moderate ambient light.

I preferred STANDARD mode because the MOVIE mode was warmer, which sometimes caused skin tones to appear reddish. The other picture mode produced an overall cool light image, which might be beneficial for balancing the effect of warm room lighting.

Normally, the USER mode is one of the most accurate, but that is not the case with this Projector. Usually, most video enhancements are switched off in a projector's USER mode, but on the LTV-3500 Pro, they are on by default. I wish the USER mode offered the same image quality as the MOVIE or STANDARD modes. This would make it a much better starting point for professional calibration.

I took the time to measure and calibrate the LTV3500 Pro. I used Portrait Displays Calman color calibration software to measure the color accuracy of the LTV3500 Pro before and after adjustment.

  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Skintone (1) - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Skintone (2) - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Skintone (3) - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Skintone (4) - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Skintone (5) - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Skintone (6) - Projector Reviews Images

Since your room and screen material significantly impact the overall picture, we don't recommend using someone else's calibration adjustments. If your room is brighter/darker or your walls are a different color, your settings would probably be different.

Also, the color characteristics of different individual projectors can vary. Therefore, copying someone else's results can be detrimental to the picture quality rather than improving it.

If you want to make quick BRIGHTNESS, CONTRAST, and SHARPNESS adjustments to improve the picture quality of your projector in your room, there are several free test patterns available on t the Murideo website and their YouTube channel. Murideo also has written instructions in the resource section of its website. Also, check out our YouTube video on utilizing several test patterns called Optimize The Image of a Projector or TV Using Free Murideo Test Patterns.

Pre-Calibration Color Tracking and Grayscale

AWOL-LTV3500-Pro-Calibration--Pre-Results - Projector Reviews Images

While all the preset picture modes include RGB Balance and CMS adjustments you can only adjust basic things such as Contrast, Brightness, Tone, Sharpness, and Gamma in the USER picture mode. This means that you will need to choose the USER mode as your calibration starting point, even though the STANDARD and MOVIE modes are more accurate.

When I measured the USER mode, its color temperature was far off my target of 6500K. The excessive amount of Blue made the image noticeably cool. However, the Gamma measured close to my normal target of 2.2.

My Saturation Sweep measurements showed that many colors were oversaturated when viewing SDR material. This is a common issue with Tri-laser-equipped projectors, but it does make colors look more vibrant under ambient light.

  • Picture Mode: USER
  • Gamma: 2.15
  • Color Temperature: 8559K
  • Average Grayscale dE: 8.2
  • Average Color Tracking dE: 7.4

Post-Calibration Color Tracking and Grayscale

AWOL-LTV3500-Pro-Calibration--Post-Results - Projector Reviews Images

I switched the projector to its USER mode to adjust its Contrast, Brightness and Gamma. Setting the Gamma to the Middle and reducing the Brightness results in a Gamma of 2.2. I also entered the Advanced Settings menu and turned off the Dynamic Contrast and Enhanced Black Level features.

I left the Color Temperature set to User and used the projector’s White Balance adjustment to achieve good RGB balance. After the adjustment, the color temperature was very close to my target of 6500K.

To improve the projector’s SDR color tracking, I switched the Wide Color Gamut setting to Off and utilized the unit Correction (CMS) adjustments to correct the oversaturation and hue shift. To achieve the most accurate color reproduction possible, some bright colors were slightly undersaturated.

  • Picture Mode: USER
  • Gamma: 2.2
  • Color Temperature: 6495K
  • Average Grayscale dE: 1.8
  • Average Color Tracking dE: 1.63

When evaluating color reproduction, a Delta E measurement of 3 or less is considered ‘Excellent’ and imperceptible by the human eye. After adjustments, the Grayscale and Color Tracking Average Delta E measurements were both less than 2, which is excellent. The LTV-3500 Pro also did a much better job tracking colors, but some brighter colors were slightly undersaturated after adjustment.

Like most Tri-laser-equipped projectors, bright colors appear overly saturated in most picture modes when viewing SDR content. This is especially noticeable when viewing bright colors. Since the Wide Color Gamut setting is engaged in the USER mode, colors are more saturated and vibrant than in the MOVIE mode. While this is inaccurate, the look may be preferred when viewing content in a room with moderate ambient light.

Overall, the projectors' out-of-the-box picture quality was better than most Laser TVs. However, like most Projectors, you would benefit from having the LTV-3500 Pro professionally calibrated to optimize its performance in your application. Most Laser TV customers would be more than satisfied with the LTV-3500 Pro's default picture quality.

HDR Grayscale Measurement Before and After

AWOL-LTV3500-Pro-HDR10-Calibration-Post-Pre-Results - Projector Reviews Images

The LTV-3500 Pro is compatible with all four major HDR formats: HDR10, HLG, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision. The projector's support for HDR10+ and Dolby Vision is particularly noteworthy. These formats use dynamic metadata to optimize the picture quality on a scene-by-scene basis. This results in a more realistic and immersive viewing experience, with brighter highlights, deeper shadows, and more nuanced colors.

To get the most out of Dolby Vision, the projector needs to know the maximum brightness of your screen. The Dolby Vision algorithms use this information to fine-tune the picture quality. You can easily provide this information in the projector's menu by entering the size and gain level of your screen. This will ensure that you're getting the best possible Dolby Vision experience.

For those who want to adjust HDR tone mapping manually, users can also use HDR BRIGHTNESS to change the brightness level based on the movie or scene being played. Note: We must sacrifice some onscreen brightness to maximize the visible highlight detail. Since LTV-3500 Pro can deliver 3,500 lumens, there is enough light to spare, especially for an overall improved HDR image, especially in a darkened room.

The most accurate HDR mode when viewing HDR10 is either HDR MOVIE or HDR USER. Out of the box, the Movie mode has the Enhanced Black Level and Dynamic Contrast enabled, and the Color Temperature is set to HOT, so the image looks warmer.


  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Brightness (1) - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Brightness (2) - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Brightness (3) - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Brightness (4) - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Brightness (5) - Projector Reviews Images

According to AWOL Vision, the LTV-3500 Pro can produce up to 3500 lumens of peak brightness, making it one of the brightest Laser TVs on the market.  To fairly compare the brightness of one projector to another, we usually focus on a projector's ANSI Lumen measurement. Using industry standard specifications (ISO 21118:2020) for brightness claims,  the LTV-3500 Pro has a rated brightness of 3300 ANSI lumens.

To get a good approximation of the projector’s maximum brightness, I selected the VIVID picture mode, which appeared to be the brightest mode. I switched the Light Mode to Bright which is the highest laser output setting.

The LTV3500-Pro produced a brightness of 3,470 ANSI lumens. This exceeds the projector's rated brightness, making the LTV-3500-Pro one of the brightest Laser TVs we have tested. The chart below shows the brightness and average color temperature measurements for all the LTV-3500 Pro’s picture modes.

AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro Brightness

Image Brightness Measured (ANSI Lumens)
USER 3587
GAME 3489
MOVIE 2935
SPORT 3456
VIVID 3217

I did most of my picture quality evaluation using the 120” ALR screen AWOL Vision provided with the projector. The LTV3500-Pro was bright enough to display a vibrant image during the day and under moderate ambient light. However, the image was too bright when viewing SDR content in the dark on my 100" screen in my office, so I had to turn down the laser light output.

Multiple Light settings exist, including Bright, Standard, Soft, and a customizable User mode, in which you can adjust the light output from one to 10. When the Intelligent Light Sensing feature is engaged, the projector automatically adjusts the laser source output power according to the amount of ambient light in the room.  

The extra brightness is always beneficial when viewing HDR since less aggressive tone mapping needs to be applied. This results in good screen brightness without having to sacrifice much highlight detail. Also, 3D content normally appears darker than regular material, so more brightness is helpful. 

The projector's Tri-laser light source delivers high brightness combined with vivid colors, making the LTV3500-Pro a great Laser TV option for those who enjoy watching content day or night.


  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Contrast (1) - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Contrast (2) - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Contrast (3) - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Contrast (4) - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-Contrast (5) - Projector Reviews Images

Laser TVs like the AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro aren't designed to compete with home theater projectors in dedicated, dark media rooms. The LTV-3500 Pro is better suited for spaces with more ambient light, like rooms with lights on or windows. In these situations, a bright image is more important than the deepest blacks.

However, the AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro's black-level performance was better than most ultra-short throw projectors I reviewed. The LTV-3500-Pro includes dynamic laser dimming, which gives it a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. Often, dynamic contrast numbers are artificially inflated and really don't reflect a projector's true black-level performance.  

The projector’s rated native contrast is a respectable 2000:1, so the LTV-3500-Pro did a good job displaying subtle details in the dark areas of the screen. So, while the LTV-3500 Pro could not match the deep blacks delivered by a 3-chip LCD or LCOS Projector, I was still pleased with the contrast and blacks, considering it was a single-chip DLP projector. 


  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-HDR (1) - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-HDR (2) - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-HDR (3) - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-HDR (4) - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-HDR (5) - Projector Reviews Images
The AWOL VIsion LTV-3500 Pro supports all the popular HDR formats, including HDR10+ and Dolby Vision encoded video.

I viewed a wide range of High-Dynamic-Range content encoded in HDR10 and Dolby Vision. When watching HDR10 material, I preferred HDR STANDARD mode because the HDR MOVIE mode was noticeably warmer, which made skin tones reddish. This was especially noticeable when viewing movies like Matt Max Fury Road.

For those who want to adjust the onscreen brightness level based on how the scene or movie is mastered, an HDR setting changes the projectors' HDR EOTF (Electro-Optical Transfer Function). There are HDR tone mapping options: Low, Middle, High, and Auto. I left the projector in the AUTO setting when watching most HDR10 content except for material mastered at 4000nits or above. However, you will sacrifice some onscreen brightness or flatten the contrast to maximize the picture's highlight detail. 

AWOL Vision Laser TVs were some of the first projectors to support Dolby Vision. The LTV-3500-Pro includes three Dolby Vision presets: DOLBY VISION DARK, DOLBY VISION BRIGHT, and DOLBY VISION VIVID. When viewing Dolby Vision and HDR-10+, which contain dynamic metadata, the LTV-3500-Pro did a good job automatically adjusting its HDR tone mapping curve based on the movie/scene.

Factors such as screen size and gain impact the overall brightness of a projection system. To optimize the picture quality of Dolby Vision material, the maximum onscreen brightness needs to be calculated and factored into the Dolby Vision tone mapping algorithm. Therefore, there is a setting in the Advance Menu where you can input your projection screen size and its gain.

  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-HDR-Tonemapping-1 - Projector Reviews Images
  • AWOL-LTV-3500-Pro-DV-Tonemapping-1 - Projector Reviews Images
    Bright highlight details were more noticeable in Dolby Vision

DOLBY VISION DARK made the overall scene brighter, but DOLBY VISION BRIGHT made highlight details more visible. Dolby Vision did a noticeably better job maintaining highlight details in content mastered above 1000 nits than projectors' HDR10 tone mapping. The images above are screenshots from the Spears and Musil UHD Benchmark test disc that I used to compare HDR10 content mastered in 4000 nits to Dolby Vision. The details in the bright area behind the horses are more visible in Dolby Vision.

 The AWOL Vision LTV-3000 Pro also supports HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma), the HDR standard developed for live broadcast, so you are all set to enjoy sports and award shows when the networks start broadcasting in HDR. While content mastered in Dolby Vision looked better, I was pleased with the picture quality of HDR material regardless of the format in which it was mastered.


Awol Vision Ltv-3000 Gaming - Projector Reviews - Image

The LTV-3500 Pro has a dedicated game mode, which, when combined with the projector's HDMI 2.1 inputs, provides an optimized gameplay experience. Low input lag is important when playing first-person shooter games, where slow response time can make all the difference between your character surviving a firefight.

AWOL says the LTV-3500 Pro’s latency is 15ms at 4K. The projector's maximum refresh rate when playing 4K games is 60 Hz. If you need to increase the frame rate, drop the resolution down to 1080p, and you can game at up to 120 Hz with input lag as low as 8 ms.

The projector's HDMI inputs support ALLM, so the projector can automatically switch to Game Mode when gaming content is detected. While I am not a hardcore gamer, the LTV-3500 Pro, I didn’t experience any noticeable input lag when playing action games on my PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

While ultra-low lag is important, nobody likes being taken out by an adversary they couldn’t see. Many modern games support HDR, including Dolby Vision and HDR 10+. The projector's outstanding HDR performance ensures you see details in dark and bright areas of the screens, so you see your enemy in the game before they see you.


Awol Vision Ltv-3000 Sound - Projector Reviews - Image
The AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro supports sound from its 36 watt sound system.

The LTV-3500 Pro's built-in sound system outperforms most other UST projectors. Its four front-facing speakers and 36 watts of power deliver surprisingly good audio, comparable to a quality budget soundbar (minus a subwoofer). The projector also features Dolby Atmos decoding and DTS Virtual X support, creating a wider, more immersive soundstage despite having only two channels. While it may not replace a dedicated surround sound system, the LTV-3500 Pro's audio quality is a step above the average flat-panel TV.

Due to the new Auto Center Channel Mode feature, you can now utilize the projector's built-in speakers as a powered center channel for those who desire a larger, more immersive audio experience.

The projector can also be used with the new AWOL Vision True Wireless 5.1.2CH Dolby Atmos Home Theater Sound System to deliver high performance in a true “plug and play” easy-to-setup package. Because this multichannel system is truly wireless, there is no need to deal with awkward and unsightly speaker cables. The Vision system is compatible with the latest immersive surround sound formats and supports 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos/DTS:X decoding. Their new sound system is compatible with AWOL Vision projection systems and works with other projectors and TVs.

We don't measure noise level, but AWOL Vision states that LTV-3500 Pro produces  30dB in Standard Light Output mode. The projector was positioned just a few feet away from me in my media room, and I never found the fan noise distracting, even when watching quiet scenes.



AWOL-Vision-LTV3500-Pro-Features-2 - Projector Reviews Images

With a retail price of $5999, the AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro is one of the most expensive Laser TVs on the market, but its build quality and feature set justify the price.

The AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro includes high-quality optics that deliver a detailed 4K image. The Ricoh F2,0 lens assembly also offers motorized focus, which ensures excellent edge-to-edge sharpness on screens up to 150 inches.

The projector’s tri-laser light source can reproduce over 100% of the BT2020 color gamut while delivering 3300 ANSI lumens (3500 Peak Lumens) of brightness. This exceptionally bright projector can deliver vibrant images even in well-lit rooms or during daylight hours.

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The LTV-3500 Pro supports several HDR formats, including Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR10, and HLG. It is one of the only projectors on the market with Dolby Vision, and HDR content displayed in this format looks noticeably better than in HDR10.

The LTV-3500-Pro also supports 3D playback, so those with 3D movies can use their catalog. The unit doesn’t ship with active shutter 3D glasses, but they are available on the AWOL Vision website. You can also purchase compatible DLP-LINK 3D glasses from sites like Amazon.

The LTV-3500 Pro includes a 36-watt stereo system that supports both Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual X, which delivers a more immersive audio experience than many Laser TVs. 

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AWOL Vision True Wireless 5.1.2CH Dolby Atmos Home Theater Sound System is compatible all AWOL Vision Laser TV

The LTV-3500 Pro can be used with the new AWOL Vision True Wireless 5.1.2CH Dolby Atmos Home Theater Sound System for users who desire even better sound. The Vision system is compatible with the latest immersive surround sound formats and supports 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos/DTS:X decoding.

The multichannel system is truly wireless, so there is no need to deal with awkward and unsightly speaker cables. It delivers high performance in a true “plug and play” easy-to-setup package.

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The projector is bundled with an Amazon Fire TV Max so you can stream content and access apps directly through the projector. You also use your voice search for apps and control certain features via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

In Gaming Mode, the projector input lag can be as low as 8ms, ensuring a smooth and responsive gaming experience. Since the LTV-3500 Pro includes HDMI inputs that support ALLM  (Auto Low Latency Mode), the projector will automatically switch into Game Mode when gaming content is detected. 

The LTV-3500 Pro also includes what AWOL Vision calls Smart Room Ready functionality. This ensures the projector seamlessly integrates with Control4 and other projector control and management solutions, so features like power, volume, HDMI source switching, and more can be managed through platforms like PJLink, Control 4, SAVANT, and Crestron.

In summary, the AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro is a premium Laser TV with excellent image quality and advanced features. It would be a great option for a dedicated media room or any living space.


Hisense 100L9H $5,499 MSRP

Anyone looking at a projector in the same price range as the LTV-3500 Pro might also consider the Hisense L9H. The 100L9H retails for $5499 but comes pre-bundled with a screen. While the LTV-3500 Pro is bundled with an Amazon Fire TV Max, the L9H’s smart features are fully integrated into it operating system so you don’t have to juggle multiple remotes.

The L9H and LTV-3500 Pro utilize tri-laser light sources, but the AWOL Vision is brighter. Both projectors support Dolby Vision, but the LTV-3500 Pro is compatible with HDR10+, while the L9H is not.

LG HU915QB - $5,499 MSRP

Another competitor that is similar in price is the LG HU915QB, which also features an ultra-short throw design and smart TV capabilities. The HU85LA boasts excellent picture quality and smart features. However, its 3-channel RBB laser light source is not as bright as the tri-laser system used in the LTV-3500 Pro, and the LG can’t reproduce as wide of a range of colors.

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The AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro is an excellent option for those seeking high brightness, excellent picture quality, immersive audio, and a cinematic experience at home. Its advanced features, combined with its user-friendly design and smart capabilities, make it a compelling choice for home entertainment enthusiasts and casual viewers alike.


  • Class Leading Brightness
  • Tri-Laser Light can reproduce 107% of BT2020 color gamut.
  • Very Good Out-of-the-box color reproduction
  • High-Quality Optics with motorized focus delivers a sharp image
  • Game Mode (15ms 4K@60Hz and 8ms 1080P@120Hz)
  • 36 Watt sound system provides a big sound
  • HDR10+ and Dolby Vision supported
  • Dedicated 24 fps playback mode
  • Fully 3D capable 
  • Three HDMI inputs
  • Smart home capabilities supporting Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Includes Amazon Fire Stick 4K Max
  • Thousands of applications, games, and streaming content via the Amazon App Store
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and projector can be used as an external Bluetooth speaker
  • 8-Point keystone correction


  • The remote control lacks backlighting
  • It uses two separate operating systems, one for the projector and the other for the Fire Stick Max
  • Basic picture adjustments (Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness) are only available under one picture preset mode


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Full Specifications
Projector ModelLTV-3500 Pro
Price$5999.00 (current selling price $5499)
Imager TypeDLP (0.47” DMD)
Displayed Resolution3840 x 2160 pixels
Native Resolution1920 x 1080 x 4 pixels
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim)3300 ANSI lumens (3500 Peak lumens)
Light Source TypeRGB Triple Laser w/o phosphor wheel
Light Source Life25,000+ hours 
Contrast Ratio2500:1 (1,000,000:1 Dynamic)
Zoom Lens RatioFixed
Power Zoom/FocusYes - Focus
Lens ShiftNo
Interchangeable LensNo
Ultra-Short ThrowYes
Native Aspect Ratio16:9 (Widescreen)
Blu-Ray 3DYes
Noise Level (-db)30 dB
Low Lag GamingYes
Smart FunctionalityYes
Special FeaturesSmart Home Networking, HDR10+, Dolby Vision
Dimensions (WxDxH)23.6 inches x 13.9 inches x 5.7 inches
Weight23.8 lbs.
Warranty2 Year
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