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Posted on October 29, 2020 by Paul Wilkie

Gaming Features for Your Consideration

Revisiting input lag – after all, it’s in the title of this article, we want to reiterate that yes, it’s important for gamers to consider. We could even safely consider it table stakes. To that end, we’re told future projectors from BenQ will offer a “Fast Mode,” designed to operate at 16.7 milliseconds of lag at 60hz, which by any account is an incredibly smooth experience. But then again, we must also consider that you can have the fastest game lag in the world, but if you can’t see what’s going on around you, it doesn’t matter how little lag you’re experiencing, death or loss in the game is imminent. That’s where BenQ’s heavy focus on the visual and audio aspects of gaming is a reimagination of what a great gaming projector should look like, and why BenQ spent so much time ensuring each style of gameplay has the absolute best picture quality possible, optimized for each unique style of play.

It also brings us to another aspect that would-be projector gamers should consider in their purchasing decisions: high dynamic range (HDR). The human eye is more sensitive to color and contrast than it is to resolution, and the inclusion of HDR in upcoming BenQ projectors means you see everything in the bright AND dark areas. Now we’re not going to say that HDR is more important than resolution, but we will make the argument that 1080p with higher contrast is going to be better for gamers than 4K without HDR. Perhaps even more exciting is that future projectors will almost certainly offer super low-lag gaming in 4K, so players can have an amazing low-lag gaming experience with incredible clarity. No more sacrificing picture quality for a gaming advantage, and that’s a win for everyone.

BenQ TH685i Gaming Projector

But aside from picture quality alone, we should take a moment to explore arguably the next most important aspect of gaming, audio. Projectors aren’t necessarily considered the pinnacle of audio performance, and for good reason, they simply don’t match the power an AV sound system or a soundbar can offer in a small box, but that’s not to say that they can’t offer compelling audio performance. Upcoming projectors from BenQ take a fresh look at how audio can improve the gaming experience, and we have to say, it’s sounding very impressive.

Revisiting the different gaming modes we highlighted earlier in this article, first-person shooter, role playing, sports, and user customized modes, each specific game mode also manipulates how audio is delivered from the projector. Once again, the idea isn’t necessarily to focus on the game itself, but how the storytelling component of the game can be best portrayed using audio as a way to highlight some of the key aspects of the game. A great example is with role playing mode, which better amplifies deep bass from the projector, making monster roars and 50 caliber sniper rounds more guttural and impactful. Areas like voice are enhanced when using sports mode so the player can better understand what the announcer is saying in the game. Whereas surround effects are more accurately placed when users access first-person shooter mode, which helps you better locate where other players are in relation to you in the game, making you a more effective player.

To dramatically boost sound quality from future projectors, BenQ is employing its treVolo speaker technology, incorporating the company’s speaker design that delivers surprisingly accurate and detailed sound, even from something as compact as a projector body. In addition to this, BenQ tapped the audio gurus at Bongiovi Acoustics to more accurately tune the speakers within future projectors. Using Bongiovi’s DPS audio technology, the software adds a layer of directionality, clarity, and immersion to the projector at levels previously unseen in the projector category. For gamers, this is a huge win. Now when you’re not gaming by yourself with headphones, you can still achieve a level of immersion that makes the game incredibly intriguing and dynamic even when playing with friends and family.


Perhaps the best part of gaming with a purpose-built gaming projector is breathing life into all of your gaming consoles, old and new. Just imagine Mario Kart on a 100-inch screen with the family, this completely changes the game and takes away your parents’ excuse of “not being able to see well,” nice try mom. And that’s the whole point, how do we make gaming a more immersive and exciting experience?

BenQ Gaming Projector

The size of the screen certainly helps a lot, but so does the ability to intelligently adjust the projector's video and audio output to best match each game’s performance. Previously there were many obstacles that made projectors not as ideally suited to gaming as monitors or TVs, we’re pleased to see many—dare we say all—of these barriers adequately removed.

BenQ X1300i Gaming Projector

As we’ve mentioned multiple times in this feature on gaming projectors, we’re very excited to get our hands on  upcoming BenQ gaming projectors so we can test for ourselves the efficacy of each of these new features. If our previous experience with BenQ has any bearing on what we see in the future, we expect extremely positive results. And at face value, the new projector offerings present a very compelling reason to consider upgrading to a projector instead of a new TV to meet your gaming needs, but we’re looking forward to trying their new line to see what they’re really capable of.

What Does the Future Hold?

The Future of Projector Gaming

However, at Projector Reviews, we’re not all about making tough decisions on how you want to outfit your entertainment room. We imagine some may choose a computer monitor for the more intimate gaming situations or may be intrigued by the larger immersive experience provided by a projector. But given the way the world is today, gaming with family and friends at home has never been more appealing, and we think a projector is uniquely suited to meet that sense of connectedness we’re all longing for these days.

In the spirit of collective entertainment, we have no problem recommending both a projector and a smaller screen for all your gaming needs.  In this regard, BenQ is particularly well-positioned to offer you an excellent experience for your money. Why? Well, they just happen to be one of the market leaders in gaming monitors as well, so who better to design an amazing gaming projector than the company who already builds some of the best gaming monitors money can buy?

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