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BenQ GS50 Ruggedized Portable 1080P Projector Review - Hardware

Posted on September 15, 2021 by Kam Valentine

The Chassis

Durable design for the rugged outdoors.

The GS50 is cube-like and measures 7.32 inches wide x 6.06 inches height x 5.75 inches depth and weighs 5.07 pounds. The white and green chassis with orange accents look at home in the outdoors. The chassis is ruggedized for those of us with a more active outdoor lifestyle. The GHS50 is 2.3-foot drop-resistant thanks to its double protection of a 1mm-thick water-resistant TPU inner layer and a drop-resistant outer resin. The projector is also IPX2 splash-resistant. Any light splashes are easily channeled out of the projector, and a splash-resistant film protects the speakers.

Inputs and connectors are located on the right side of the projector underneath a protective cover.

The GS50 has two HDMI 2.0b ports. One of the HDMI ports is located on the right side of the projector. The other HDMI port is concealed under a cover located on top of the projector and used by the included QS01 Android TV dongle.  Also located on the right side of the GS50 are the USB Type-A and USB Type-C ports. The power adapter input is located on the rear of the chassis.

The supplied Android TV dongle can be plugged into a dedicated HDMI input located underneath a panel on the top of the unit

The included BenQ QS-01 Android TV media stick provides that Smart capability to the GS50. The QS-01 supports the most popular content platforms like Hulu, Disney+, HBO max™, Paramount+, and many more, with one big exception. No Netflix support, which has been a problem for a while. The dongle plugs into a dedicated HDMI input located underneath a panel on the top of the projector.

A small control panel is on the top of the GS50. The control panel has a power button, volume up button, volume down button, and a Bluetooth button to activate Bluetooth speaker mode.

The Lens

The lens is fixed but the unit offers Auto Focus and Auto Keystone Correction.

The GS50 has a fixed lens with a fixed zoom ratio. The lens is powered focus, and the autofocus camera is located below the lens. An eye protection sensor is also located under the lens.

The eye protection sensor automatically shuts down the projector’s LED light source temporarily when children come too close.

The eye-protection sensor automatically shuts down the projector’s LED light source temporarily when the distance between an object, i.e., children, and the sensor is around 11.8-inches (30 cm) to 19.6-inches (50 cm). The eye protection sensor is an excellent feature if you have young children who may try to look into the projector while it is running.

The BenQ GS50 has a throw ratio of 1.21:1. BenQ provided the image below for optimal viewing distances and screen size. The short throwing distance means you could set the GS50 projector up almost anywhere and have plenty of space.

BenQ GS50 throw distance based on screen size

BenQ states, “Projection screen size can reach from 30” to 110” depending on viewing distances. For ideal viewing enjoyment, we recommend a screen size between 80” and 100” when seated 6.9 feet to 8.9 feet (2.1 meters to 2.7 meters) away.”


The GS50 Projector Menu is uncluttered and straightforward to use.

The BenQ GS50 home screen menu is well organized and easy to use. From the home screen menu, the end-user can select a specific input, access streaming apps, explore the Google Play Store or Google Play Games. The push-button on the remote that looks like a gear is the Shortcut Settings button; it takes you directly to the general settings menu. Scrolling all the way down and pressing the All Projector Settings tab from the Shortcut Settings menu or Pressing the Projector Menu on the remote control will take you to the GS50’s Projector Menu. The Projector Menu is an advanced menu where the image quality and sound quality can be adjusted. The Home button, which looks like a house, brings the end-user back to the home screen, once again allowing access to apps and other entertaining services.

While watching content, users can bring up the Picture Mode by pressing the Projector Menu button on the remote. Users can then choose any of the six preset picture modes.

Remote Control

The remote is lightweight and functional.

One remote is used to control the GS50 projector, and the included Android TV QS01 dongle.  The remote has the standard projector control features on it, including but not limited to a button for power, focus, keystone/corner fit, D-pad, projector menu, Android TV Home, Google Assistant, and volume control.

 In addition, the remote control features a dedicated Prime Video button and dedicated BenQ FamiLand Kids Channel (TV). BenQ states, “BenQ FamiLand Kids Channel (TV) collects content most suitable for kids to watch from YouTube and channelize these playlists to let kids choose the channel they want to watch.”

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