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BenQ LW61ST - Warranty

Posted on May 27, 2012 by Art Feierman

BenQ LW61ST Parts and Labor Warranty:

The BenQ LW61ST (click for specs) comes standard with a 3 year limited warranty.  Unlike most other projectors the warranty covers the light source for the full three years.  Of course it should last way beyond that. Still, as most projectors with conventional lamps have 500 hour 90 day warranties, with an occasional projector offering 6 months on the lamp, (and there is 1 one year lamp warranty out there too), that makes BenQ's 3 year warranty on the laser light source, look real good.

In our recent Classroom projector report we noted that most of the projectors in the report offered 3 year warranties, The only 1 year warranties were the smaller pocket projectors.  Some manufacturers offer loaner or replacement programs for one or more years.  BenQ does not. However, BenQ's claim to fame would be the coverage on the light source.  Of the few companies with LED light source projectors, the coverage of the light sources varies, but always far longer than conventional lamps.


Educators please note:  Expect BenQ, like most manufacturers to offer better than their standard warranty when volume school purchases come into play.

Consider BenQ's overall warranty to be overall competitive. Ultimately, this should prove to be a low cost of operation projector, thanks to the 3 years, and the lightsource potential of 20,000 hours!

Other than that, I have been impressed with BenQ's overall support, over the years.  On the home theater projector side of BenQ there were a couple of issues, with certain models - one recent, one 4-5 years ago.  In both cases, BenQ's response I considered to be first class.

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