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BenQ MP772ST DLP Multimedia Projector Review

We offer a detailed review of this BenQ MP772ST DLP projector. Images and additional commentary were added by Art

The BenQ MP772ST was awarded the Best In Classroom Runner-Up Award in our annual Classroom Projector Comparison Report -May 2010.

BenQ MP772ST Projector Highlights

  • Lightweight – 7.7 lbs.
  • Good Brightness – 2500 lumens
  • Good Contrast – 2400:1
  • 3-D Ready – Incorporates DLP Link technology
  • Full (RGBCMY) color management
  • Wired network monitoring and control
  • Two built-in 5W/each speakers
  • Closed captioning

BenQ MP772ST Projector Overview

The BenQ MP772 ST is a short throw XGA (1024×768) DLP projector that is a natural for use in a small conference room or classroom, particularly where interactive use with a whiteboard is desired. The MP772 is able to project a 74” diagonal image from only 3 feet (front of projector to screen), which easily fits it into the “short throw” category.   Similar to the previously reviewed Hitachi CP-D10, the MP772 uses a fixed normal lens projecting through a second, convex lens.  Like the CP-D10, this use of a fixed lens only allows for digital zooming and requires the user to place the projector at the proper distance for the screen size desired, as well as at the proper height.

The BenQ MP772 ST has a specified output of 2500 lumens with a 2400:1 contrast ratio.  Both are fairly typical these days of a projector in the MP772’s class.  The MP772 ST is also quite portable, at only 7.7 pounds, giving it the flexibility to be easily moved from one location to another.

The MP772 ST is also 3-D ready, incorporating Texas Instruments’ DLP link technology.  While this is currently a non-issue due to the lack of 3-D material, there will be more content available in the near future and the MP772 ST is ready for it. That doesn’t, however, guaranty the projector will be able to do Avatar in 3D, but it will support a lot of computer based 3D, and that’s good for teaching.

Short throw projectors like the MP772 ST are often used with whiteboard presentations where a presenter will often be at the screen pointing out items in the presentation. With the projector so close to the screen, the presenter will not interfere with the projected image, nor will he or she have to look back toward the lens of the projector.

For those requiring more brightness, BenQ offers the MP776ST, which differs from the MP772 in that it is rated at 3500 lumens and also has an HDMI input.