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BenQ PE5120 - Physical Tour

Posted on November 12, 2004 by Art Feierman

The BenQ PE5120 projector can be ceiling mounted or placed on a table. As we look at it from the front, you can see a single drop down foot, with a quick release button. (There are two adjustable rear feet as well).

Without adjusting any of the feet, if you place the projector on a table, the image will point upward slightly (a good thing), creating a rectangular image that does not require keystone correction, with the bottom of the screen a foot or more above the projector. There is a sensor for the infra-red backlit remote, on the front, as well. On the top of the projector are recessed controls for the manual focus and zoom of the lens. The lens has a 1.2:1 ratio zoom, allowing you some flexibity in placing the projector. There is a full control panel that provides source switching, full access to menus, power and more. There are three indicator lights and the rocker for the control panel has the functions backlit.

The back of the BenQ projector has inputs for DVI (digital and the highest quality, available mostly on very expensive DVD players or the low cost Bravo D2), and component video. In addition there are the usual S-video and composite inputs.

The provided remote control is actually very large, but thin. Best of all, it's backlit, and bright enough that you don't have to strain to read the buttons in a dark room. The overall layout is well done, with plenty of space, so that those who will easily memorize the buttons won't have a problem hitting the one they want due to "overcrowding".

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