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BenQ W1000 Projector - Image Quality4

Posted on March 14, 2010 by Art Feierman

Shadow Detail Performance

As is the case with most projectors that don't have really dark black levels, the BenQ W1000 has very good shadow detail, as you can see in the assorted images below.

Optoma HD20
Mitsubishi HC3800





You may not get the pop of those great blacks that more expensive ultra high contrast projectors offer, but you won't go lacking for the subtle details in those darker areas

BenQ W1000
Optoma HD20
Epson Home Cinema 8100
Mitsubishi HC3800
Sanyo PLV-Z700
Sharp XV-Z15000
Optoma HD8200
Sanyo PLV-Z3000
BenQ W6000
Panasonic PT-AE4000




Below our usual sequence of images of Clint Eastwood in a very dark room/scene.


Look to the blinds and, in general, the upper right, for shadow detail differences between these many projectors.

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