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BenQ W5000 vs. Sony VPL-VW40-3

Posted on October 24, 2013 by Art Feierman

Projector Value

A tie! These are two projectors, very similar in so many ways. For some, it will be the BenQ, primarily for the difference in brightness, and that DLP look and feel of the image that decides the issue. For others, it will be the more consistent image quality of the Sony, without any rough edges.

Art's Two Cents

If it wasn't for the Image noise issue with the BenQ W5000, I'd have to say it is the better pick, but that's a big "if". I like the extra lumens, and they are both very capable in terms of overall image quality.

Both offer only one year warranties, which I think is embarrassing, on a product at this price point, but since they offer the same, that's no help.

Both are about equal in terms of "future-proofing" neither can work with an anamorphic lens, without an outboard processor, and neither supports Deep Color.

When watching one, then switching to the other, I kept coming back to, "at its best, the BenQ produces the more impressive image". Thus, I would say that it is the more "general consumer" choice, but it may appearl as well to the "hard core", for being DLP, with the DLP characteristics, that are a part of being "film-like."

Still, there are its rough edges.

So, I'm right back where I started from - these are a tie. Figure out what matters most to you, and you'll have your pick.

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