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The Compelling Case for Projectors with Integrated Smart Capabilities — Page 3

Posted on September 1, 2020 by Paul Wilkie

So, You’re Interested in a Smart Projector. Here’s What To Look For In a Great User Interface:

We mentioned Android TV earlier in this article, and it’s because we think it’s one of the best platforms for integrated smart projectors generally speaking. Aside from the benefits we already listed, including a robust app library via the Google Play Store with thousands of applications that can be leveraged on the big screen, it’s also a proven platform.

What do we mean by proven? Other major platforms are built by companies who don’t necessarily excel in building hardware products, or the supporting software to create an excellent experience. One thing we do know for sure though is that Google is not one of those companies who makes buggy hardware or lackluster software, in fact, we’d argue they’re one of the best. Android TV is a prime example of just how far advanced Google is in comparison to its competitors.


But perhaps more important than a product that functions well and is easy to use, is a product that is secure, especially when handling sensitive information like your address or shopping habits. Google’s reputation on security is very strong and continuously improving. While it’s not perfect, the company has made several dedicated efforts to bolster its security within the past couple of years, and buying into the Android TV platform enables you to tap into that security Google is offering its customers. This does require that you have a Google account to use Android TV devices, but let’s be honest with one another, you definitely have a Google account. After all, it’s 2020.

We recommend users seek out a company that has focused on working closely with companies like Google to make their projector products smarter and better integrated. Some manufacturers may attempt to go-it-alone and build their own “smart” ecosystem, but the reality is that the breadth of capabilities from a company like Google easily outpaces anything an in-house team can create. That’s not a snub against projector manufacturers, just the cold, hard reality of scale.


In summary, the smart projector is a very compelling opportunity for people who value something that’s easy to use, but still offers all of the bells and whistles of a major platform. The addition of a manufacturer willing to go all-in with a company like Google to make Android TV easy to use and seamless on a single projector interface is commendable, and a joy to use. The reality is, it’s simply better than having to use a separate remote and operating system to navigate through various TV operating systems, which can be a clunky experience. Companies like BenQ have been surprising us a lot lately with their projectors that typically offer fantastic picture quality, but have also become much simpler to use and navigate.

A company like BenQ is already well-positioned to offer smart projector offerings with Android TV natively added to the units. Now to be clear, these products don’t exist just yet. But with any luck, we’ll see something soon from the company that melds the best of both of their projector offerings with the smarts of a platform as robust as Android TV.

Until then, we’ll keep an eye open and ensure our community of projector enthusiasts gets the latest scoop on what the best native support for Android TV is on a projector, offering the best of both worlds. We’re curious to know, what do you think of projectors with native support for TV operating systems like Android TV?

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