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Sony's Auto Calibration

Another great feature found on Sony's 4K SXRD projectors is Auto Calibration. Auto Calibration is especially important for lamp-based projectors because they shift color quite a bit as they age (starting from day one). This is why many calibrators will tell you to wait at least a couple hundred hours before calibrating.

Also, if you replace a projector's lamp, the replacement might not have the same color characteristics as your previous lamp, requiring professional recalibration

Once a Sony 4K SXRD home theater projector has been calibrated, you can use the Auto Calibrate feature (maybe once or twice a year) to restore the picture to the way it looked the day the projector was first calibrated.

Combining the stability of a laser light engine with the Auto Calibrate feature ensures that the laser-based models will deliver "on the money" color accuracy for several years.

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