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A dedicated Game Mode reduces lag to maximize the gaming experience

To maximize the gaming experience, certain premium Sony home theater projectors include a low latency Game Mode. When this mode is engaged, the projector switches off most of its video processing to dramatically reduce game lag.

Sony quotes 27ms input lag with 4K content (up to 60fps). According to Sony with 1080p games, input lag will be a bit longer due to the need to upscale HD to the projector's native 4K resolution, but it is still in the 33-40ms range. We measured Sony 2021 projectors at 4K/60p lag time was about 28ms and at 1080/60p it was 36ms.

This is still a good performance for all but the most serious gamers. With the introduction of more powerful gaming consoles, there are more and more games available in 4K/60p, so you will be able to take full advantage of the fast response times in the near future.

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