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Sony VPL-VW385ES Lens
Sony's motorized 2.06:1 Zoom Lens - close and personal

The 2.1:1 motorized zoom lens is center-mounted and recessed by several inches (there is no motorized door to protect the lens and keep dust away when off). Many lamp and laser-based Sony Home Theater models use the same 2.1:1 motorized zoom lens.

When it comes to placement flexibility, Sony home theater projectors using the standard lens offer 2.06:1 zoom range which is a lot compared to most home theater projectors whose zoom lenses usually range between 1.1:1 to 1.6:1, depending on the brand and model.

Throw Distance for a 16:9 (1.78:1) Screen

Screen Size (Diagonal)Min Screen Distance (in)Max Screen Distance (in)  
80”                                 96 (2440 mm)197 (5010 mm)
100”121 (3050 mm)247 (6280 mm)
120145 (3670 mm)297 (7550 mm)
150181 (4600 mm)371 (9440 mm)

Throw Distance for a 2.35:1 Screen

Screen Size (Diagonal)Min Screen Distance (in)Max Screen Distance (in)  
80”                                 95 (2410 mm)195 (4960 mm)
100”119 (3020 mm)244 (6220 mm)
120”143 (3640 mm)294 (7470 mm)
150”180 (4550 mm)368 (9350 mm)

All Sony 4K projectors offer motorized focus and zoom as well as plenty of horizontal and vertical lens shift. Horizontal and vertical lens shift further increases the unit's installation flexibility.

Lens Shift Range (ARC-F): +85/-80% Vertical and +/-33% Horizontal

Lens Shift Range (Standard): +85/-80% Vertical and +/-33% Horizontal

When projecting a 100-inch diagonal 16:9 image, 80% of the image height is approximately 39 inches while 85% of its width is about 41 ½ inches. This means the bottom of the projected image can be shifted down 39 inches or you can shift the top of image up 41 ½ inches.

+/- 33% horizontal shift means you can shift the 100-inch image to the left or right about 28 inches. Just remember as with most home theater projectors, the more horizontal shift you use, the less vertical adjustment you will have available.

Horizontal and vertical lens shift further increases installation flexibility.

Having a large amount of zoom and shift capability makes installation a breeze, especially when you are trying to replace an older unit that was previously fixed mounted.

For even more flexibility, you can save multiple configurations thanks to the Lens Memory function (accessible from the menus or the Position button on the remote control).

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