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Sony Picture Positioning Pattern

All Sony 4K Home Theater Projector utilize a motorized lens assembly. However the higher end models included a feature called Picture Positioning which are lens memories. This gives the user the ability to save different motorized lens settings (zoom, shift, and focus), like one for HDTV, and one for widescreen movies.

Lens Memory means having motorized lens functions and the ability to save different settings, for example, a setting for HDTV, and one for widescreen movies. While this feature isn't a big deal for viewers who only watch HDTV on a 16:9 screen, many movies are shot in a wider aspect ratio. 

This means that when watching movies shot in "widescreen", you end up with a smaller onscreen image than when watching a football game or TV show because of the letterboxing at the top and bottom on the screen.

Many movie buffs opt for a 2.35:1 screen, which is about 25% wider than 16x9 to ensure that widescreen movies use the entire screen surface.

However, if you have adjusted the projector so a widescreen movie fits the widescreen horizontally and vertically you will experience an issue when you switch to HDTV viewing or a made-for-TV movie that has a 16:0 aspect ratio. The picture will overshoot the top and bottom of the screen by about 20%.

Multiple Lens position memories (zoom, shift, focus)

To correct this issue, you must zoom the projector out a bit, making the image smaller and adjust the lens shift so that the entire 16x9 image fits the widescreen (note that when viewing 16x9 on a widescreen, you will see black bars on the sides). If your projector lacked a motorized lens with memory, you must manually adjust zoom and shift settings every time you switch from movies to broadcast content. Definitely awkward and time-wasting, particularly with a ceiling-mounted projector.

It's easy to see why a movie lover would really appreciate Lens Memory. Once you create a setting for broadcast and a separate setting for widescreen movie content, you can just press a button on the remote for the right size image to be projected in the right place. With a Sony home theater projector, you can store lens, zoom and shift settings for up to five screen formats for easy recall and quicker viewing. You can switch between formats by pressing the POSITION button on the remote control.

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