Projector Reviews

NEC NP-L102W Projector Review

The NEC NP-L102W is a nicely compact LED projector with WXGA resolution (1280×800) primarily suitable as a lightweight portable business and education projector.  The NEC almost hit its 1000 lumen claim, whereas few LED projectors get even close to published specs. The NEC NP-L102W comes complete with padded carry case, SD card slot and 1 Gig of memory with media player!  Wifi is optional! […]

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LG PF85U LED Projector – Review

The PF85U Projector has a long life LED light source, but what stands out most are the smarts of this large 1000 lumen “pocket” projector. We consider the PF85U for  home entertainment use, but it doubles nicely as a portable business projector.   […]

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