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Canon REALiS WUX450ST Projector - Special Features

Posted on May 16, 2016 by Art Feierman
CANON REALiS WUX450ST PROJECTOR - SPECIAL FEATURES:  Short Throw, Mounting Flexiblity, Support for Multi-Projector Installations, System Integration

Short Throw

The WUX450 has a fixed focal length short throw lens that provides a throw ratio of 0.56:1.   This means the throw distance, from the projector's lens to the screen, is fixed at 0.56 times the screen width.  Thus, for a 100 inch wide screen the throw distance would be 56 inches.  This is perhaps 1/3 the throw distance for a typical business or education class projector and perhaps 2 to 3 times the throw of a ultra short throw projector.

Mounting Flexibility

Canon WUX450ST ceiling mount

Canon WUX450ST with Optional Ceiling Mount


Of course the WUX450ST can be table mounted or ceiling mounted (shown above with the optional ceiling mount), but it can also be mounted on it side or at virtually any angle.  It offers a wide range 0 to 75% vertical (percent of image height) optical lens shift adjustment along with a more modest +/- 10% horizontal lens shift range.

This is a recently released model (March 2016) and it appears that some of the Canon product literature available at the time of this review (May 2016) incorrectly lists the lens as having a 1.35:1 zoom ratio while this model actually has a fixed focal length lens rather than a zoom.  Although the lack of a zoom lens, or interchangeable lenses, does limit mounting location flexibility, this should not prevent most users from finding a suitable mounting location as long they do careful planning before purchasing the projector.  Canon does offer a number of other installation class projector that may better suit a individual user's installation needs, including models with zoom lenses and also higher-end models with interchangeable lenses.  These includes the model WUX500 (with a standard throw 1.8:1 zoom lens) and the WUX6000 (that accepts interchangeable lenses).

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Support for Multi-projector Installatiions

Large displays using multiple projector have become more commonplace for large commercial advertising and promotional displays.  Also museums frequently have applications for displays using multiple projectors.  The WUX450 comes with the tools to create such high impact displays using multiple projectors with full support for edge bending and geometry adjustments, along with color and brightness matching of adjacent images that are being projected by additional Canon projectors.   These features can be used to create a seamless, large, very high resolution displays.

System Integration

  • Built-in RJ45 port for connection with wired networks
  • HDBaseT support for single wire solution for Video, Audio and Networking
  • Network management including AMX device discovery and Crestron connectivity
  • Network based monitoring and control of multi-projector installations from a central computer with PJ Link software
  • Split screen projection mode for displaying information from two sources
  • Optional support for wireless networking


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