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Casio Ecolite XJ-V110W LED/Laser Projector Review – Hardware Tour 2

CASIO XJ-V110W PROJECTOR REVIEW – HARDWARE 2:  This short page looks at the remote control and also many of the menus

Remote Control

Compact with no backlight, the XJ-V110W’s remote control isn’t too fancy, but it gets the job done. Small enough to fit in a pocket, the remote control runs off of two AAA batteries and features everything you’d expect — access to the menu and a way to change inputs, mainly.

There are direct adjustment controls for vertical keystone, digital zoom, and volume (which control the volume of the 3.5mm audio output on this projector) as well as freeze-frame and blanking. A small button marked with a leaf icon gives access to the XJ-V110W’s eco light modes, which give you 7-step adjustment control over brightness output.

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Not found are adjustments for Sharpness, Color Saturation and Tint

Tint, in particular is often not available on many projector’s HDMI inputs, but we definitely prefer to have a viable color saturation control.  There were times during the review when viewing some sources, that I felt the picture was a bit undersaturated, and missing having the ability to ramp it up.  Extra color saturation comes in handy when facing too much ambient light, although that shouldn’t be a problem for the V110W, it’s sufficiently bright for a projector in its class.

Casio XJ-V110W Menus