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Casio XJ-A250V Projector - Warranty

Posted on May 5, 2011 by Art Feierman

Casio XJ-A250V Part and Labor Warranty

Hard to beat Casio's warranty. For the XJ-A250V, it starts with 3 years parts and labor, but also includes a 6000 hour/ or 3 year warranty on its 20,000 rated hybrid Laser-LED light source. Most conventional lamps used in other projectors come with 90 days or 500 hours, occasionally a 1000 warranty. This warranty is longer than the actual rated life of any other projector's lamp in this report, except, of course, the Samsung, which has an LED lightsource, and also a rating that (30,000), that should outlast the projector.

Overall, that's a great warranty, even though Casio does not offer a replacement or loaner program. Several of the brands we reviewed for this report offer some sort of loaner, replacement, or fast turn-around program:

Projector Warranties: Above and beyond Parts and Labor

A majority of manufacturers offer your typical limited parts and labor warranty, and most offer 90 days on the lamp, as well. A number of manufacturers of projectors, however, offer additional programs relating to getting the customer "back up and running" as quickly as possible.

The duration of the parts and labor warranty can be an important aspect of cost of operation of any projector. If in a multiple projector environment such as a school or corporation, a longer warranty can translate into some real savings, as projector repairs are rarely inexpensive.

Enhancing those standard warranties, are exchange, exchange or fast turn-around programs. All offer added benefit.

We consider an exchange warranty to be of great extra benefit, especially for those using portable projectors.

Typically an exchange or replacement program indicates the manufacturer will ship out a replacement unit to arrive within 2 business days of you contacting them (often one) (add a day in most cases if you call late in the day).

By comparison, a loaner program has the manufacturer also quickly shipping you a loaner projector, but they will repair yours, and send it back, and then you send the loaner back. That way you still have the same unit, same serial number, when it's all done. With a replacement/exchange, you end up with a different projector, usually from a "replacement" or "loaner" fleet, that they maintain. There's more work to do, with a loaner, than an exchange program, but the shipping costs are usually picked up by the manufacturer, with either program.

If your are purchasing for a school or business, however, which does asset tracking of projectors for accounting and inventory purposes, you may favor a loaner program over a replacement one. Most manufacturers, however do not offer loaner or replacement programs.

Express programs have often been just a promise to have your unit in and out of the shop, quickly, but some now pay round trip shipping instead of simply paying for shipping a warranty repair back to you, at whatever speed you pay to send it in to them. Now some are starting to cover overnight or 2nd day in both directions.

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