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Casio XJ-H2650 Projector Special Features

Posted on October 4, 2013 by 

Multiple PC-Free Presentation Options

Presentations can be made from a USB thumb drive or card reader connected to the XJ-H2650’s USB port.  PowerPoint presentations can be converted to a special file type (using the included software) allowing them to be viewed from the USB source.  Similarly, movie files can be converted (via included software) to motion JPEG files for viewing over USB.  JPEG and BMP image files can be viewed directly from the USB source.  By connecting a Casio YC-400 or YC-430 multi projection camera to the XJ-H2650, fine resolution projection of documents and other images can be achieved without a PC connected.  Some Casio graphic scientific calculator models can be connected via USB and their display can be projected.

Interactive Pointer Option

An interactive pointer (YA-P10) is an available option for the XJ-H2650.  With it, a presenter can draw lines and objects directly on top of the projected image.

MobiShow® WLAN Presentations by SmartPhone or PDA

By installing AWIND’s MobiShow® on a SmartPhone of mobile terminal, you can project photographs and presentation files stored in the SmartPhone or terminal memory via the XJ-H2650’s wireless LAN adapter.

Intelligent Brightness Control

A light sensor on top of the projector senses surrounding light levels and automatically adjusts the projector’s brightness (only in Eco mode) as required to provide an acceptable level for the venue.  This increases efficiency by reducing power draw when possible.

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