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Casio XJ-UT351WN Ultra Short Throw Projector Review – Summary

Casio XJ-UT351WN Projector Review – Summary: The Bottom Line, Pro and Cons

The Bottom Line

The Casio XJ-UT351WN is a moderately small, light-weight business/education projector that is ideal for medium to medium-large classrooms or conference rooms. It’s portable enough to be moved between rooms as necessary and can be either ceiling mounted (optional) or positioned on a table. It’s ultra-short throw capabilities make it a good choice as a business/education projector. The long-life hybrid laser/light engine – up to 20,000 hours – is hard to beat.

For school districts or corporate implementations, the value of using projectors with long life, solid state light engines is significant. If you have one projector that needs a new lamp every year or three – not a big deal.  If you have 500+ projectors in your district or business campus, that means after the first year or so, projectors are constantly reaching the point where they need someone to come out, and install a replacement lamp and whatever other maintenance is done at the same time.

The XJ-UT351WN produces a sharp image. I almost wish the projector was WUXGA because the sharpness is already so good at 1280 x 800 (WXGA resolution) – it would be “razor sharp” at WUXGA, or even just 1080p. Even so, Casio did a great job. The unit reviewed measured below Casio’s 3,500-lumen claim (2,920 lumens) but still has enough brightness to handle quite a bit of ambient light. With modest light leaking through my minds, the image stayed bright with a bit of washout on the side closest to the window but is still watchable. Even with the blinds open, you can still see the image, though it looks obviously washed out. Below, I have two images showing the projector handling ambient light.

Casio XJ-UT351WN Ambient Light Enders Game
This image shows the Casio XJ-UT351WN projecting a scene from “Ender’s Game” in a room with ambient light. The light is coming through the sides of my living room window, light leaks in on either side of the blinds. The room is fairly dark, save for the ambient light coming from the window. Image projected in Theater Mode.


In the image below, I have two photos of the XJ-UT351WN handling ambient light for comparison purposes. The top image comes from the photo above, where the scene from “Ender’s Game” is being projected with the blinds closed. The bottom image shows the same scene, but projected with the blinds open.

This image shows a comparison of the XJ-UT351WN projecting a scene from “Ender’s Game” in two different ambient light scenarios. Image projected in Theater Mode.

This Casio has both wired networking support and wireless networking via the optional plug-in adapter. For PC-Free presenting, the projector can handle both USB-stored presentations and those stored on the internal memory. There’s a host of inputs allowing PCs to connect via composite, S-video, computer RGB/component, HDMI and even USB. Using a wireless connection, smartphone screens can be projected through the XJ-UT351WN. You can even hook up some graphic calculators.

Theater mode is the best mode and has very good picture quality. Even the brightest modes, Standard and Graphics, have respectable color that is usable in rooms where there is a lot of ambient light and maximum light output is necessary. That you can adjust the color balance, however slightly, is a plus as you can get that color to be “just right.”

You will pay more for this Casio than comparable lamp-based projectors, but still pay far less than a typical laser projector. The extra upfront cost of the Casio vs down the road savings is something for the decision maker to consider.  The warranty is excellent – 5 years or 10,000 hours.  The picture is pretty good, but not the very best that can be had, but typically more than good enough for most environments. Typically you’ll get slightly better color, especially near maximum power, with a 3LCD projector, but then you’ll also pay more per lumen for those 3LCD projectors.

The Casio XJ-UT351WN, provides a solid state, low maintenance solution with overall good picture quality, and a very respectable feature set including networking, for what has to be considered a better value than most of the competition. The lack of a zoom lens for most installations is a minor issue. If you must have a zoom lens with range, look elsewhere, but otherwise, this Casio is a serious contender.


  • Long-life hybrid laser/LED light engine lasts up to 20,000 hours
  • Lamp-free design makes the projector low maintenance
  • No air filters to clean or replace
  • Dust-resistant design
  • Keystone Correction (horizontal and vertical)
  • Wired and wireless networking support
  • Crestron connected
  • PC-Free presentation capabilities
  • Very sharp text
  • Great color accuracy for a business/education projector (Theater mode is best)
  • Built-in 16 watt speaker is loud enough for conference rooms and classrooms
  • Energy efficient and mercury-free
  • Quick On/Instant Off – 5 seconds to full brightness and one-touch off with no cooldown time
  • Can be ceiling mounted
  • Great warranty, 5 years/10,000 hours on the light source


  • Did not meet 3,500 lumen claim (measured 17% below claim)
  • No backlighting on the remote
  • Low fidelity speakers, though that is typical on business/education projectors
  • The far corners of the image are slightly blurry, as is common on most ultra-short throw projectors
  • No zoom
  • Low placement flexibility when it comes to table-top positioning, though helped by the Digital Zoom and Digital Screen Shift capabilities