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CEDIA EXPO 2021 – Day Three Recap: Draper, Straight Wire, and AIM Electronics

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By Kam Valentine

It is the last day of CEDIA 2021. Day three of CEDIA 2021 was a half day. On day one and day two, we covered some projector or projector-related manufactures. On day three, we have a few more manufactures we wanted to get a chance to talk to.

Day three at CEDIA 2021


The Draper booth was on full display

Over at the Draper booth, Director of Sales, Jentry Wittkamper, talked to me about some of their automated projector lifts.

The Draper AeroLift 35

The AeroLift 35 was on display in the Draper booth. The AeroLift 35 is a ceiling recessed projector lift with a 35-pound maximum lifting capacity. The projector lift is designed for areas that have space limitations. Draper states, "Aesthetically designed, each model in the AeroLift series varies in vertical extension length, maximum lifting capacity, and features a stabilizing arm for cable management.

Built-in adjustability provides for quick and easy response to job-site conditions." For bigger and heavier projectors, Draper has the AeroLift 100 and AeroLift 150. The number at the end of the model number designates how much weight the projector lift can handle; the AeroLift 100 holds up to 100 pounds, and the AeroLift 150 holds up to 150 pounds - you get the idea.

As soon as I get home, I'm going to see if I have space to use a projector lift in one of my projector rooms.


Straight Wire

I spoke to Director of Sales, Jerry Willsie, at the Straight Wire booth. Jerry proudly told me their cables are made and assembled in the USA by skilled craftsmen, and all of their copper comes from solid copper from one location in New England. In addition, Straight Wire cables have a lifetime limited warranty.  I also saw that Straight Wire has a try before you buy and guaranteed trade-in programs. Straight Wire states, "Used internally by JBL Synthesis, Triad, Wisdom and many more for CES, CEDIA,, and critical demonstrations. Recognized worldwide for 36 years as a leader in cable performance at all price levels."

Straight Wire Power Cable

Jerry pointed me to Straight Wire's power cables. Straight Wire power cables are composed of shielded low resistance twisted helical pairs and premium materials that minimize electromagnetic effects, noise and maintain dynamics.

Straight Wire Power Cable on a Rack

Jerry stated that the Black Thunder Mark II would suit high-level components like a projector with IEC female receptacles. The Black Thunder is a 10-gauge Stranded Oxygen Free Copper power cable. The cable has a flexible black mesh cover jacket and PFA insulation.


AIM Booth

AIM had a low-key booth at CEDIA 2021. What drew me in was the bright red and yellow colors. A large sign that read "World's First Japan Quality 8K Cable" was the backdrop to the booth.

AIM states they have the world's first AOC HDMI Laser cable

AIM states, "AIM Electronics America Inc. takes pride in being the world's first AOC HDMI Laser cable which was redesigned last year. It is still the industry's top performer producing the most stimulating and sharp quality throughout the world."

The cable on the right is AIM's HDMI Laser Cable LS-U

One of the AIM cables that was on display was the LS-U which is an HDMI Laser cable. It is an HDMI 2.1 that is UHS certified. The LS-U states it supports 8K/30p, 36bit 4:4:4 (48Gbps).


Goodbye CEDIA EXPO 2021

As I mentioned, day three of CEDIA Expo 2021 was only a half-day.  The half-day allowed the exhibit booths to be disassembled and packed back into trucks while there was still daylight. I dare say that some exhibitors started taking down their exhibits before noon so they could get on the road or plane home.

Overall, while the event was much smaller than in previous years, I believe the CEDIA Expo 2021 was well worth attending.

The manufactures that were on scene at the Expo were very excited to be there and welcoming. We at Projector Reviews wanted our readers to be able to follow along for the three-day event.

Hopefully, I provided you a peek into what was at the CEDIA Expo this year. I hope to see you all at CEDIA Expo 2022 in Dallas, Texas.

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