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Darblet DVP 5000 Video Processor Review

The Darblet DVP 5000 is a single-purpose video processor that supports all standard and high definition video resolutions up to 1080p and also supports 3D video up to 1080p resolution.

Basic Specifications

Darblet DVP 5000 Specs.
List Price $349
Manufacturer DarbeeVision, Inc.
Inputs HDMI 1.4
 User Buttons  Up, Down and Menu
 LEDs  Indicator  Power and Input
 Size (inches)  2.5″ x 4″ x 0.75″
 Remote  IR remote control included

Darbet Product Photo



The Darblet (TM) DVP 5000 is a single-purpose video processor produced by California based DarbeeVision Inc.  DarbeeVision refers to their enhancement processing as “Darbee Visual Presence”(TM).

The manufacturer describes the role for the Darblet DVP 5000 by saying:

“It will add intense depth and clarity to any video — enabling ultra-immersive visuals. As a video processor module in a small housing, DarbeeVision technology simply plugs into any HDMI media device and will enhance the output of any video stream, like DVD, Blu-ray, smart phone, and media players and any digital broadcast — on both standard and high-definition TVs.”

In the manufacturer’s overview of the product they described it as:

“Enabled by parallel processing in a single chip, DVP represents the next generation of computational image processing for depth and realism. Your eyes will thank you!”

The Darblet DVP 5000 supports all standard and high definition video resolutions up to 1080p and also supports 3D video up to 1080p resolution.  A non-3D capable model is also available that is sold under the name Cobalt(TM) DVP 4000.

The Darblet DVP 5000 provides a unique form of image enhancement that is capable of providing the viewer with the perception of increased image detail, especially in the areas of the image where very fine details are present.  The form of image enhancement provided by the DVP 5000 if far more effective that simple “sharpness” or “detail” adjustments found on virtually all video projectors.  Such conventional sharpness controls actually degrade the image by introducing ‘ringing’ that frequently appears at white outlines along the edges of objects in the image.  Over the past couple of years a few projector manufacturers have added their own advanced image processing functions intended to produce the perception of higher resolution images with increased image details.  Epson calls their advanced processing “Super-Resolution”  while Sony calls theirs “Digital Reality Creation”.   The advanced technique used by the Darblet DVP 500 differs from that used by these, and other, projector manufacturers and many home theater owners of such projectors have found that the enhancements provided by the Darblet DVP 5000 are superior overall and may in many cases actually complement the projector’s own enhancement capabilities.

In addition to marketing the standalone Darblet DVP 5000 and Cobalt DVP 4000 video processors, DarbeeVision is also licensing their Darbee Visual Presence technology to other manufacturers.  Oppo Digital has recently introduced a “Darbee Edition” of their popular BDP-103 Blu-ray Disc player as a new model BDP-103D.  This enhanced model carries a $100 premium over the standard model (i.e., $599 vs. $499).  Also, Lumagen has introduced Darbee processing into their 20xx series of Radiance(TM) video processors.