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Dell 3400MP DLP Projector: Summary - The Bottom Line

Posted on October 1, 2013 by Art Feierman

Dell 3400MP DLP Projector: Summary - The Bottom Line

If I was still travelling around, city to city presenting as I did a long time ago (50+ plane flights a year), and presenting in front of small groups of 2 - 25 people, then the Dell 3400MP is exactly the kind of projector I would like to have with me. Sure, I'd be tempted to take a 4-5 pound LCD projector instead for extra brightness and more accurate colors (in brightest mode), but, truth is, the Dell 3400MP easily can do a good job in those classic conference and training rooms. It has enough lumen output, and a clean, very sharp image. With over 1500 lumens (my measured unit), it can easily handle audiences of 100+ in rooms with good lighting control, when needed. Sure, a more powerful projector like the more expensive Epson 1710, is tempting, and it does weigh in under 4 pounds, but the difference in physical size is huge, with that smallest of Epson's still being twice the bulk, and over a pound heavier. No contest for the highly mobile road warrior who wants to travel light.

And, while the Dell is no home theater projector, it does a very respectable job on video, whether business and education type videos or watching an occasional movie.

Here's the bottom line: The Dell does a great job for its small size, and excellent price. 2.4 pound projectors aren't designed for maximum input flexibility, for maximum brightness (although the 3400MP is no slouch), or quietest operation. 2.4 pound projectors like this 3400MP are designed to make life easier on the road, and still let you pull off a professional presentation with the lights on. In this regard, the Dell 3400MP succeeds admirably. I really, really like it!

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