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Dell S300W DLP Projector - Review Summary

Posted on April 30, 2010 by Art Feierman

Dell S300W Projector: Bottom Line

The Dell S300W has turned out to be a pretty impressive projector with a whole host of features that one would not expect in a projector of its price. The ability to have up to 20 users simultaneously connect to the projector to give their presentations make the S300W a great choice for classrooms and better yet boardrooms. The fact that one could switch over to each users laptop when one wants to demonstrate something is pretty powerful. Not to mention the time it saves since all you have to do is switch users with a few clicks.

I particularly liked the projectors short throw. There is one drawback and that is the fact you will want a very to project onto a wall or fixed screen. If you do plan to use a retractable screen it is going to be essential is has tensioning to keep the screen flat. Short throw projectors, because of the incredibly close proximity to the screen show every wave or wrinkle in the screen. You will notice in some of the pictures in this review that the image looks wavy. For this review and just about every review, a DaLite Model C retractable screen is used with no special screen coating.

Image quality and brightness were very satisfctory. As mentioned earlier in the review, color accuracy is not spot on, but with a few adjustments one can achieve a pretty accurate looking yellow and reds begin to be more accurate as well. The measured brightness compared to the manufacturers specs was surprising since it produced 2322 lumens in its default color mode and was rated at 2200 lumens. Usually you can expect a projector to rate about 20 percent lower than the manufacturers rating.

Maintenance on the Dell S300W is reduced because the projector does not have a filter and the lamp has a very long life, up to 5000 hoursif you use it in Low Light mode. The lamp door however is situated under the projector, so if you do ceiling mount the projector it will require you to remove the projector from the ceiling mount. Not a big deal if you just own one projector, but Universities and K-12 where you might deploy hundreds of these projectors, that can mean some serious maintenance time. Just something to consider.

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