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The VersaWhite screen coating is matte and provides a 1.1 Gain. In addition, this next-generation whiteboard screen projection surface is coated with a nanotech dry-erase layer. This layer is transparent and designed to provide a wide diffusion uniformity that allows viewers to see a clear picture from any angle.

This image was projected using the Epson 1485Fi Ultra Short Throw whiteboard projector. The geometric distortion was introduced by the lens I used to take this picture.

In a dark room:

I tested the WhiteBoardScreen Thin Edge VersaWhite screen using two projectors. I used the Optoma CinemaX P2 ultra-short-throw projector for entertainment and the Epson 1485i ultra-short-throw projector for education and business content. 

The resulting performance in a dark room was a bright, vibrant image. I thought the screen displayed outstanding picture quality. As you can see in the slideshows below, there was a marked difference in overall color tone between the Optoma and Epson. However, the screen had nothing to do with this effect.

With some ambient light:

This VersaWhite coating helps with washout that typically results from uncontrolled ambient light sources like windows. The coating features wide diffusion uniformity and is GREENGUARD Gold certified. This projector will not disappoint in the classroom or boardroom. The VersaWhite coating does significantly help in allowing your audience to see the screen even with a moderate amount of uncontrolled ambient light. However, VersaWhite is not a (Ceiling Light Rejecting®) CLR®, CLR® 2, or CLR® 3 Elite ProAV whiteboard screen. You may find yourself needing to use the blinds of your room to improve overall visibility for your audience. For my testing, I used two sources of ambient light. 

As you can see in the images below, some pictures show the effects of light fade from uncontrolled ambient light sources in my lab.

Just as Elite ProAV claims in their materials for VersaWhite, there were no glare spots or unviewable images. However, when I eliminated the ambient light in the room, no surprise, the picture’s clarity got better. See my comments in the slideshow below. 

Clearly the light from the window was much less intense in my lab at the time I took these two images. Colors are more defined with the slight reduction of ambient light.

You could never get the picture quality that this screen provides with a typical whiteboard. The WhiteBoardScreen Thin Edge VersaWhite Series performed like a champ providing top-notch image quality in almost every test I threw at it. 


The VersaWhite coating is what allows this screen to serve as a dry-erase writing surface. It outperforms conventional whiteboards by providing superb color temperature without the glare for a clear and more effective presentation.

Elite tasked their engineers to make the whitest whiteboard available for the screen’s whiteboard functionality. You can write on the screen using standard whiteboard markers, and Elite includes a pair. In addition, Elite developed a high-density foam eraser and a special cleaner required to clean the screen. They remove dry erase marker shadow and keep the VersaWhite coating in tip-top shape.

The whiteboard function offers excellent readability even when off access or in the back of the room. Serving double duty as a projection screen and a dry erase board saves money and space. This combination also makes for better collaboration in the classroom or boardroom.

This Elite ProAV screen is also GREENGUARD® and GREENGUARD® Gold (UL 2818) Certified. This certification guarantees that the screen was tested for chemicals that have been certified as dangerous using health-based criteria. GREENGUARD Gold certification means that this product is safe for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities. GREENGUARD Gold Certified products must also comply with the requirements of the state of California’s Department of Public Health (CDPH). 


Elite ProAV® designs and builds screens for business and education customers. The WhiteBoardScreen Thin Edge VersaWhite Series combination whiteboard and projection screen is a dual-purpose product combining two large products into one—simultaneously saving space and providing a more collaborative experience in class and meeting rooms. As if this innovation was not enough, Elite ProAV also built a better whiteboard and projection screen in the process. 

The WhiteBoardScreen Thin Edge VersaWhite Series is not only a high-quality screen, but it’s also a better whiteboard. This Elite ProAV screen improves picture quality while diffusing unwanted ambient light. It’s in these light challenging environments that this Elite ProAV screen shows what it can do. Does it look as good in ambient light as it does in the dark? No, but it still looks good. The WhiteBoardScreen VersaWhite Series dry-erase interactive whiteboard is not Elite ProAV’s best performer, but it’s light-years ahead of the competition.

You can purchase the WhiteBoardScreen Thin Edge VersaWhite Series directly from Elite’s online store or several authorized Elite dealers/resellers. If you have a table-top ultra-short-throw or short-throw projector and you are looking for a high-quality Ceiling Light Rejecting screen that doubles as an impressive whiteboard, check out the screen at the Elite ProAV website.

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