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Elite Screens: ezFrame AcousticPro 1080 Acoustic Performance

As noted above, my hearing isn’t what it was 30 years ago when managing high end audio stores. With that as a given, I spent hours listening to music videos, CD’s and movies using this Elite ezFrame screen. At the most, I could only notice a very slight loss of sparkle on the high end, when having someone move the screen quickly into the path of the sound.

I really enjoyed some superb performances with the screen in place, including the Moody Blues in concert (Blu-ray), and music videos on MTV’s Palladia HD channel, as well as other music videos. For typical movie watching (action oriented, talking, etc.), certainly this screen seems more than transparent enough. Any loss of overall gain (volume) is negligible, almost certainly no more than 2db, and probably a lot less than that. The only question, one I can’t answer without test equipment, is how much loss there actually is on the extreme high end (15K to 20K hertz) where I can no longer hear, but many of you younger folks can.

For those not “tuned” into audio, we are talking extreme high frequencies – upper harmonics of vocal and musical instruments. This frequency range probably accounts for well less than 1% of audio content but does contribute to the sound quality for those with good hearing. According to Elite, they only lose 2db at the very top, and that seems to be a very reasonable (slight amount). In fact many (very good) speakers roll off the high end more than that.