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Elite Screens Kestrel 80” Diagonal Floor Rising Electric Projection Screen – Summary

Posted on June 13, 2010 by Art Feierman

Elite Screens Kestrel 80” Diagonal Floor Rising Electric Projection Screen – Bottom Line

The Elite Screens Kestrel screen has a lot going for it.  It is reasonably priced, has a quality look to it and the screen surface neither adds or detracts from the image (as a good screen should).  The small color shift toward blue is not noticeable under normal viewing and can usually be accounted for through calibration.  It is somewhat unique in the market as it provides both motorized operation and portability in a single package.  The competition from companies like Da-Lite and Stewart costs anywhere from two to five times as much as the Kestrel and is definitely not as portable.

Setup of the screen is easy and the numerous included control options allow for just about any type of installation.  Though the screen can be stopped at any height between fully closed and fully open, it would be nice if there were a memory option included to easily repeat a desired open setting other than full.  Unlike the competition, the Kestrel is also reasonably portable, though at over 50 lbs., you’re not going to want to carry it very far.  The use of a plastic or composite case might help bring down the weight quite a bit, but it would also undoubtedly add to the cost.  There are few products out there that come with the variety of control options that the Kestrel does.  Whether you want to control the screen with a wall-mounted switch, a universal remote, a 5-12 volt trigger from a projector, or enclose the screen and control it via RF, it’s all in the package at no additional cost.

For the home theater buff that doesn’t have a dedicated theater room or just doesn’t want a permanently installed screen, the Kestrel gives the user the flexibility to quickly set up a screen for movie viewing in any room.  In many cases the screen will be placed behind another piece of furniture, a credenza, or desk, etc. Basically, you can hide the screen from view when not in use, as opposed to a wall or ceiling mounted screen. Similarly, the Kestrel will find a number of fans in the business and education markets, where a quality, portable screen can be used for video presentations in multiple locations, or tucked away in an executive boardroom.

Elite Screens Kestrel : Pros, Cons

Elite Screens Kestrel: Pros

  • Outstanding value for the price
  • Uniform, smooth screen surface
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Wide variety of remote control options included

Elite Screens Kestrel : Cons

  • Fairly heavy, making portability an issue for some
  • Screen material has a slight shift toward blue
  • Motor overheating protection does not allow for repeated raising and lowering

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