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Epson Debuts 12 New Professional Projectors for 2023

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By Philip Boyle

At the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) 2023 EXPO, Epson introduced its new line of 2023 education and business projectors. Epson says these next-generation projectors will meet the specific display needs of today's connected classrooms and hybrid corporate spaces. 

Epson has introduced twelve new projectors designed to deliver big, bright images, convenient collaboration tools, easy setup, and ultra-wide aspect ratio options to ensure all participants can see, interact, and be seen. 

All twelve new 2023 projectors are powered by the company's state-of-the-art laser light sources and proprietary 3-chip 3LCD technology. Epson has significantly invested in its customers by using only laser-driven light sources, eliminating inferior legacy lighting technologies for this critical market segment.

With these latest lamp-free laser displays, Epson is innovating its projection offerings to deliver larger displays and seamless collaboration and engagement, including tools for easier one-on-one student device sharing and multi-device connectivity.

Epson has introduced three new PowerLite Standard Throw Models

The new PowerLite and BrightLink Models feature significant upgrades in brightness and resolution, as well as the introduction of a brand new ultra-short throw model that is poised to take the dynamic and evolving needs of the connected classroom and remote/hybrid work environments to the next level. Epson believes hybrid models are here to stay in today's workspaces and is committed to providing display technologies that are even more adaptable and easier to use for in-person and remote individuals. 

"Our meeting and education spaces have evolved drastically, and it has become apparent that today's displays need to be large and wide enough to accommodate all aspects of viewing, sharing, and interactivity for better in-person and remote participant engagement," said Remi Del Mar, senior product manager, Epson America, Inc.

The new models include two new short-throw models

The new models, including the standard throw PowerLite L210W, L260F, and L265F, short-throw PowerLite L210SW, and L210SF, and ultra-short throw PowerLite 760W, 770F, and 775F models, can deliver between 4,000 to 4,600 lumens of equal color and white brightness.

Featuring built-in wireless connectivity along with a variety of aspect ratios and casting capabilities, this new family of PowerLite laser displays enables users to seamlessly collaborate in-person and remotely with convenient content sharing and split screen support. The new PowerLite models are designed to encourage engagement and empower creativity for various education, corporate, and signage applications.


Epson is positioning these new models as classroom and meeting room game-changers with innovative abilities like sitting only a few inches from the wall featured on the brand new PowerLite EB-810E ultra-short model for classrooms and meeting rooms. 

The design of the EB-810E is similar to Epson's newest ultra-short throw consumer projector but a wall mount option is available.

The Epson EB-810E features a new ultra-short throw design allowing businesses and educators to display an 80-inch diagonal image from just one inch away. For those looking for a massive image, the EB810E can deliver up to 5000 lumens on screens up to 150 inches. Built using a strikingly similar chassis design as the recently reviewed EpiqVision LS800, the new PowerLite EB-810E Ultra combines Epson's impressive ultra-short throw laser capabilities with their 4K enhancement to a crisp, high-resolution picture.

"As display trends shift, putting people, content, and collaboration at the heart of every room's design, Epson continues to invest in technology that aligns with the current needs of today's educators, business owners, and IT professionals." - Remi Del Mar, senior product manager, Epson America, Inc.

In addition to the 810E, Epson offers several addition Non-Interactive Ultra Short Throw Business/EDucation focused models


Epson has also announced the new browser-based BrightLink GoBoard 780Fi ultra-short throw interactive laser display. This new display gives users incredible interactivity and instant online access. The embedded browser makes it easier to access cloud-stored lesson plans, online content, and favored applications directly from the display without needing to connect to a PC.

The Epson GoBoard 780Fi

This Epson interactive 1080P laser projector delivers images with almost 85 percent more display area than a 75-inch flat panel. Perfect for collaborative learning environments where educators can access interactive whiteboard tools, BrightLink's built-in pen-based interactivity, and optional touch functionality. 

The new BrightLink interactive display is also compatible with some of the most commonly used productivity software applications, including Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace. All the interactive projectors are designed to improve collaboration with features like split-screen support and whiteboard sharing. 

The BrightLink 770Fi and the PowerLite L260F, L265F, 770F, 775F, L210SF, and EB-810E all support ultra-wide 21:9 displays for even more content viewing at one time. 21:9 ultra-wide displays ensure both in-room and remote participants have ample viewing space for all to see and be seen and are ideal solutions for use with collaborative tools like Microsoft Teams Rooms Front Row. Check out our previous detailed review of the Epson BrightLink 1485Fi.


All PowerLite and BrightLink models will be available in March 2023, except for the PowerLite EB-810E Ultra, which will be available in June 2023. The BrightLink GoBoard 780Fi will be available in May 2023. All models will be available for purchase through authorized Resellers.

Special pricing will be available through Epson's Brighter Futures program - a unique sales and support initiative available specifically for schools. Brighter Futures is designed to help educators select and implement the best products for their classrooms while making the most of their budgets. In addition to special pricing, Brighter Futures offers dedicated education account managers and toll-free technical support for all Epson projectors and associated accessories.

For additional information on Epson education and corporate solutions, visit and

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