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Epson Introduces BrightLink Academy For Teachers

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by Philip Boyle

BrightLink Academy is a new education resource for teachers to learn how to more effectively use and create learning solutions with Epson education display products.

We live in remarkable times with a range of technological advances designed to make us more productive and our lives easier. However, to get the most from a new product, users must understand the best way to leverage it to receive the full benefits intended by the manufacturer. Epson, the number-one selling projector brand worldwide, today introduced BrightLink® Academy. BrightLink Academy is an online resource designed for teachers and instructional coaches to help them learn how to create engaging learning experiences for students of all grade levels and maximize proficiency while teaching with Epson BrightLink interactive displays.

Epson Brightlink projectors offer a wide range of features designed to make the lives of teachers and instructors easier while improving students' learning and information retention. Brightlink projectors are designed to increase student engagement and productivity by using the projector to turn existing dry-erase whiteboards, plain walls, and tables into interactive workspaces. Users can ideate, annotate, capture and share ideas in real-time, locally or with remote participants. Brightlink projectors come with tools such as Epson iProjection with moderator software built to help teachers and instructors manage the learning process easily. They wirelessly connect and manage up to 50 devices, including PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, iOS, and Android devices.

Epson has included Network Projection and Projector Management software tools for Brightlink projectors. These tools are designed to save time and money by allowing IT managers to monitor projector status remotely and control basic functions, such as powering the projector on or off. Networked projectors also allow presenters to present content to any projector in the network.

Brightlink projectors can turn a PC into a massive tablet with tools such as PC interactivity. A plain whiteboard becomes a monitor, and your pen or finger becomes your mouse. Teachers and instructors can easily display and interact with any application on a computer, including Microsoft Office, web browsers, and top curriculum titles such as SMART Learning Suite.

Brightlink projectors can make the idea of PC-Free collaboration a reality. They turn a network-connected BrightLink projector into a collaborative device designed to help capture ideas and share them via email or print without a PC.

Brightlink can be a powerful tool helping educators to more effectively teach their students, provided the teacher understands how to get the most out of the Brightlink hardware and supplied Epson tools.

This February, the new e-learning courses powered by Eduscape and several other Epson projector education solutions were introduced at TCEA 2022 in Dallas, TX.

Highlighting the versatility of using projection in an educational setting, BrightLink Academy is one of the many ways Epson supports teachers and classroom engagement. Created to help teachers and administrators learn at their own pace in one centralized location, BrightLink Academy will provide professional development resources to help schools integrate BrightLink projectors into the existing curriculum and create interactive learning experiences. New e-learning courses will be launched periodically and include topics such as:

- Designing engaging activities and lessons with BrightLink

- Google workspace for education and BrightLink

- Virtual field trips with Minecraft and BrightLink

- Utilizing BrightLink in the early childhood classroom

- Meeting needs of diverse learning with BrightLink

- Sparking learning with document cameras and BrightLink

Designed for laser-focused learning, BrightLink displays transform classrooms into immersive, collaborative environments where productivity is enhanced, creativity is leveraged, and participants are fully engaged. Equipped with 3-chip 3LCD technology for bold, brilliant color even in ambient light settings, select BrightLink models deliver big, bright images up to 120 inches. These large displays make it easy for content to be clearly visible, helping students stay engaged leading to better learning outcomes. These flexible laser displays breathe new life into ordinary walls and dry erase boards, eliminating the need for dedicated electronic boards or space-consuming flat-panels.

"Epson is dedicated to supporting teachers in the classroom – providing technology and tools that increase engagement and improve learning outcomes," said Remi Del Mar, Senior Product Manager, Epson America, Inc. "The new e-learning courses demonstrate the different types of applications that are possible with our projection solutions. They are designed to empower teachers to utilize BrightLink interactive displays to their fullest potential in order to better enhance student learning in the classroom."

In addition to the new e-courses, Epson showcased a host of display solutions for use in classrooms and around school campuses at TCEA. These ranged from gamification with Epson Pro Series to immersive learning with Epson PowerLite® models and hybrid tools, such as award-winning BrightLink GoBoard™. 

Epson's partner in Brightlink Academy is a company called Eduscape. Eduscape develops and delivers professional learning solutions to advance students while helping school leaders rethink learning. The company comprises former educators who have provided exemplary professional learning solutions to more than 800,000 educators across 48 states and 13 countries.

For more information on this and other Epson initiatives, check out Epson's website or visit for more news, information, and reviews on Epson and other projectors and projector accessories brands.

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