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Epson BrightLink 480i 3LCD Interactive Projector - A Comparison

Posted on May 12, 2012 by Art Feierman

Specs Preview

Epson BrightLink 480i Specs
Price 1999
Technology 3LCD
Native Resolution 1024x768
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 3000
Contrast 3,000:1
Zoom Lens Ratio
Lens Shift No
Lamp Life 3000 hours
Weight 13.5
Warranty 2 Year

Epson 480i Projector Comparison

Check out our review of the award-winning Epson BrightLink 485Wi interactive projector.

The Epson BrightLink 480i projector (click for specifications) is from the same BrightLink family as the Epson BrightLink 485Wi projector, which we recently reviewed in-depth. The BrightLink 480i is very similar to its sibling, though there are a few major differences between the two. This comparison is designed to tell you about the 480i and help you figure out if the 480i is a better fit for you than the 485Wi.

The only major difference? Well, it’s apparent in the name—the 480i lacks the “W” of the 485Wi projector. The W stands for widescreen, as the 485Wi has a native WXGA resolution (1280x800), whereas the 480i is not widescreen and has XGA (1024x768) resolution. This resolution change accounts for the $200 difference in price between the two, with the 480i running at $1999 instead of $2199 like its widescreen sibling.

Aside from an undetectable difference in brightness (the 480i has 3000 lumens compared to the 485Wi’s 3100), the two projectors are identical in all other regards. They are both 3LCD projectors with contrast ratios of 3000:1, native aspect ratios of 16:10, and 3000-hour lamp lives. Both also boast a 16.0W speaker, which is great if your presentations require sound.

What we love about the BrightLink series is their flexibility. The 480i is relatively portable at 13.5 lbs., so you can move it from room to room in the office easily. Also, if your classroom is small or your conference room oddly shaped, the 480i has you covered. The ultra short throw lens allows you to place the 480i about a foot away from your screen. This is a space saver, plus it limits shadows on the screen if you’re up in front of a group presenting!

Additionally, the 480i has versatile mounting options. You can ceiling mount to project onto a wall, or even set it on a table and turn the tabletop surface into an interactive area. And with features such as blackboard mode that allow it to present on all kinds of surfaces (not just white screens), the 480i is prepared for anything.

The BrightLink 480i, like the rest of its family, has great connectivity. It has wired networking capabilities, supports component, S-video and composite video, and, most excitingly, an HDMI input to connect to your laptop, game console, cable box, etc.

On top of connectivity, the 480i offers interactivity! The BrightLink series projectors all come with 2 interactive pens that allow two people to annotate at once. The software allows you to annotate on content sent over the network, including from an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, camera or Blu-Ray player!

So again, we’re big fans of the BrightLink series. The 480i in particular is great if you don’t need widescreen but want flexibility, interactivity and a great looking picture.

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