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Epson BrightLink 735Fi, PowerLite 750F, and PowerLite L200SW Education Projectors: Continued

Posted on July 27, 2020 by Scott Wilkinson

PowerLite 750F

The PowerLite 750F is one of three new ultra-short throw models that also utilize laser light engines. While the PowerLite 750F can display the interactive whiteboard from a BrightLink-series projector, users can't interact with it. The chart below shows the difference between the ultra-short throw PowerLite models.

FeaturePowerLite 750FPowerLite 725WPowerLite 720
Resolution1920 x 10801280 x 8001024 x 768
Aspect Ratio16:916:104:3
Light SourceLaser (20,000 hours)Laser (20,000 hours)Laser (20,000 hours)
Whiteboard SharingYesYesYes
16:6 Ultra-wide DisplayYes (110")--
Split ScreenYesYesYes
Wi-Fi / MiracastYesYesYes

PowerLite L200SW

If you're looking for a more traditional portable tabletop projector, the Epson PowerLite L200SW is a short-throw model that can be placed within a couple of feet of the screen.

The L200SW is one of two available short-throw PowerLite models. While the brightness, resolution, and native aspect ratios are different, the chassis and functionality of the two models are identical.

FeaturePowerLite L200SWPowerLite L200SX
Resolution1280 x 8001024 x 768
Aspect Ratio16:104:3
Light SourceLaser (20,000 hours)Laser (20,000 hours)
Split ScreenYesYes
Wi-Fi / MiracastYesYes


The BrightLink 735Fi offers a plethora of connections, including three HDMI inputs, two VGA inputs with associated 3.5mm audio inputs, a composite-video input with its own audio input, and even a microphone input. One of the VGA inputs can be configured as a monitor output as well. Other connections include two USB-B ports, one USB-A port, an Ethernet/LAN port, and an RS-232C port.

The PowerLite 750F has many of the same connections, including three HDMI inputs, two VGA inputs with audio jacks, and a composite-video input with audio jack. Like the BrightLink 735Fi, one of the VGA inputs can be configured as an output. Other connections include one USB-B port, one USB-A port, an Ethernet/LAN port, and an RS-232C port.

The back panel of the PowerLite L200SW is laid out somewhat differently, but it has almost exactly the same connections as the 750F. The only difference is that the composite-video input has a pair of RCA audio inputs, and the L200SW provides a microphone input.

The Bottom Line

The new Epson education projectors are especially well suited for today's changing classroom. As schools slowly reopen, there will be fewer students in each room, and they will be physically farther apart, making large, bright images more important than ever.

"While we still don't know exactly what next year's classrooms will look like, we do know that there is no way to replace a good teacher," says Mark Hess, executive director for instruction, technology and assessment for the Walled Lake Consolidated School District. "Bright, engaging content is more important than ever as our teachers help students learn, whether they are in the classroom or learning from home. Epson is continually innovating to meet the needs of educators and that is why we have chosen their display technology for our teachers."

All of the new education models are covered by a 3-year warranty, which includes full unit replacement. Epson also offers the Brighter Futures program, a sales and support initiative available specifically for schools. Designed to help educators select and implement the best products for their classrooms while making the most of their budgets, Brighter Futures offers special pricing, dedicated education account managers, and toll-free technical support for all Epson projectors and associated accessories.

The BrightLink 735Fi and PowerLite 750F are scheduled to be available in September, while the PowerLite L200SW should be shipping in November. Pricing will be announced when the projectors start shipping.

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