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Epson EMP-1735W Special Features

Posted on October 5, 2013 by Art Feierman


Short for Epson Administrative System for Meeting and Presentation, EasyMP allows for flexibility in presentations with such features as follows:

SlideMaker 2 (which allows you to combine PowerPoint, image and movie files into a single presentation, by extracting the necessary parts of files, and arranging them in order without editing the original files)

Multi-Screen Display (which allows connection to up to 4 projectors for a wide spreadsheet or flowchart).  This mode also allows for the display of a PowerPoint slide, while the presenter’s monitor is also displaying the PowerPoint tools.

Movie Sending Mode (which allows for smooth playback of video files)

Presentation Mode (which allows for display of PowerPoint or Keynote slide shows)

Distribution Function (which allows for display from a remote computer on the network)

Switching Function (which allows for other computers on the network to take turns projecting their own images)

Email Notification - When using the networking ability of the 1735W, either wired or wireless, it can be set to notify the owner of the projector status, reminders or any problems via email.

PCFree – This feature enables you to display photos, videos, PowerPoint presentations and other files stored on a USB storage device, without the use of a PC.  Presentations created with SlideMaker (above), can also be used with PCFree.


While this is now hardly an uncommon feature - consider that many, if not a majority of laptops sold are now widescreen, as are many desktop computers. The projector industry has been slow to adapt with widescreen projectors. Further, in the past not all of the widescreen projectors have used the 16:10 aspect ratio now standard on laptops, but other configurations including 1366x768, and 1280x768, which are also typically referred to as WXGA. This Epson is the industry standard 1280x800 resolution.

Closed Caption Capabilities

Not many projectors are equipped to do closed captions. While not a widely needed feature, there are applications, including use in school environments that call for this ability. Simply stated, this Epson has it, so, if that's a critical feature for you, then this Epson should be considered.

Dynamic Iris

This Epson projector even sports a dynamic iris (called Auto Iris), a feature found almost exclusively on home theater projectors to improve black level performance for viewing videos with dark scenes. This is a real plus if you plan to take this portable projector home and watch some movies or TV. The Auto Iris mode is only available in Game, Theatre, and customized modes. A very nice touch. It definitely improved the overall picture quality when a movie was played through the projector.

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