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Epson Ensemble HD 6100 2

Posted on October 23, 2013 by Art Feierman

Epson Ensemble HD 6100 System: Pros

  • Very good skin tones (not the best, though) and overall picture quality - with a dynamic looking image
  • Better than average black level performance (the 6100 projector) among "non-ultra-high" contrast projectors
  • Extremely bright dynamic mode, for watching with more than a little ambient light present
  • Good shadow detail performance
  • Typically, the complete Ensemble HD 6100 can be installed in under 5 hours
  • Above average brightness (6100 projector) compared to other similarly priced projectors on the market
  • Two HDMI 1.3b inputs, full support for 24 fps, Deep Color, etc.
  • Average sharpness for a 1080p projector (we classify 1080p projectors in two groups - average, and "sharper still" there's a difference, but not great
  • Universal remote control (very good) for ease of use
  • Excellent placement flexibility due to 2.1:1 zoom and lens shift. Room depth of about 14 feet is minimum
  • Long life, 4000 hour lamp (in full or low power lamp modes) - longest lamp life of any home theater projector with lamp at full power - reduces cost of ownership
  • Very good menus
  • Excellent warranty
  • Good price performance
  • And of course, a great solution for those who want adding a quality, complete, projector based home theater system to their home, with a minimum of fuss, research, and installation time

Epson Ensemble HD 6100 System: Cons

  • Cannot match (or come close to) the black level performance of the $900 more expensive Ensemble HD 6500UB
  • Epson does not provide full control of the projector with the Universal remote (they provide the standard Epson projector remote as well) (you can, however you can add the projector's control to the universal remote, just as you will add your cable or satellite box controls to it
  • Additional sized screen options would be a plus - as small as 88 or 92 inches for those with smaller rooms (using spare bedroom?), and larger, say 110" for those wanting a larger image, and have the room
  • Projector could be a touch quieter, but is definitely quiet enough, mounted in its cradle

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