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Epson Home Cinema 1080UB - Shadow Details 4

Posted on January 18, 2008 by Art Feierman

Here's the re-entry image from Space Cowboys. Click on the thumbnail image for an overexposed version, and look for the details on the right side. This image is found on most recent reviews. In this case, the Epson is on the left, and the equally new, and almost 3 times the price, JVC DLA-RS2. You can see from the fringing on the stars on the left, that the JVC is the more overexposed of the two. It also reveals a bit more detail in the areas on the right. Even with identical exposures, the JVC definitely has the edge, but the Epson, for a fraction of the price, is doing a great job on this scene!

Now for a more balanced scene (where dynamic irises are not very effective). The left thumbnail when clicked on shows a cropped area. This scene has extremely bright areas, and dark. Look at these overexposed images to details of the satellite on the left side. The left thumbnail is the HC1080UB, the right one, the $8000 JVC RS2 (as with above, the thumbnail images are generic). The two are strikingly close to each other. That makes the value proposition on the Epson even more impressive!

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