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Epson Home Cinema 1440 Projector: Hardware 2

Posted on December 28, 2015 by Art Feierman
HOME CINEMA 1440 PROJECTOR - HARDWARE TOUR - page 2:  Remote Control, Menus

Epson Home Cinema 1440 Remote Control

Epson EX7240, HC1440 Remote

Remote Control for the Epson EX7240, HC1440 Projector

This is a bright room projector so it's not surprising that the remote control isn't backlit.  This somewhat compact remote, however, has a whole lot of buttons providing quick and easy access to many important menu and sub-menu items and modes.

From the top:

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Epson HC1440 Menus with Descriptions

HC1440 Menus and Notes

Main Image Menu

Contains main picture controls with more under "Advanced"

Picture mode submenu

Choose from the four picture modes

Gamma Controls

On the Advanced menu - preset or customize as needed. Default is very good

Gamma customization

Adjusting this graph is one way to customize gamma

Calibration tools

The RGB sub-menu is for balancing grayscale

CMS sub-menu

Allows you to calibrate each primary and secondary color

Signal Main Menu

Basic controls. Note Image Processing - select Fast for gaming, Fine for everything else

Settings Menu

Keystone Correction, Split Screen, Audio, User button, more. Pointer feature comes from "biz" side

User Button

Choose which of 7 options the User button controls

Extended Menu

Menu control, logo, projector orientation, closed captioning...

Extended sub-menu

A/V Settings

Control audio options, more

Color Correction

For multi-projector use, this is a business type feature to match color between projectors

Network Menu

See manual for more detail. Crestron RoomView compatible.

Eco Menu

A well endowed set of "eco" features

Projector Info

This screen tracks key aspects of the projector i.e. source resolution, source lamp hours, ID

Bottom Line on Hardware

So what have we learned?  The HC1440 is well endowed.  It's a large portable type projector, with a powerful built in speaker.  It's got a zoom lens with more range than most of the competition, and is particularly easy to set up thanks to lots of features such as Screen Fit, Interactive Help, and Focus Help.

The selection of inputs and other connectors and capabilities though is where the HC1440 shines.  Not only does this projector have two HDMI inputs - one with MHL, but also has two computer inputs (either can be used for a component video source), and two USB inputs, one suitable for USB display, the other great for bringing in content on USB thumb drives.  And let's not forget the Crestron RoomView supported networking, which could be a real plus if your home is tied to some types of home automation networks.

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