Epson Home Cinema 5030UB Advanced Calibration Information

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News and Comments

  • Nocturnaloner

    So, I’ve logged out and logged back in, but the user access controller is still not displaying the members only content for me. I get the ‘you must be a paid member’ message. So, either I am not in the correct user group yet, or the article section with the advanced info is not correctly marked in the article editor.

  • lcrenshaw7

    I’m having this problem as well.

  • Federico

    +1 with the same problem. Has anybody been able to access the advanced calibration setting?

    • Art Feierman

      Hi Federico, I trust you received my email with the calibration info. We think the area is working better, and we’ll be getting up some more pages tonight. Still testing though. -art

  • Nocturnaloner

    It’s working this morning, thanks Art!


      Happy to hear it. -a

  • lcrenshaw7

    Does the color management settings work for THX, Living
    Room and all the other color modes? What I am trying to ask is, should I
    set the CMS and use it for all the color modes or does switching the
    color modes mean I need to change the calibration? once my projector
    gets past 100 hours I will get it calibrated but wanted to have a good
    starting point until then. Thanks for the help!


      CMS settings recommended will be good for all modes. By comparison, Grayscale (RGB gain and bias) would be different for each mode. -a

  • Jay

    Does the room effect the calibration? Does the screen used effect the calibration.
    The room is completely light controlled. The only reflective surface is the Firehawk 1.3 screen. The walls are covered in black crushed velvet, black carpet, really dark blue ceilings paint. The reason for my question is we were wondering if having someone come out to calibrate would be worth the cost?


      To a certain degree, almost everything affects calibration, including the room surfaces. The Firehawk, however is good at “rejecting” slide ambient light so helps if walls are not neutral.

      The short answer is yes, a pro calibrator can calibrate for the room, and for sources. Don’t expect your satellite dish and blu-ray player to be exactly dead on the money, either.

      The question is, how significant. Are you after technical perfection – then yes, a complete calibration beyond just the projector makes sense.

      But unless your room (and devices) are having a significant effect, I would say no. If you like the picture with, say our settings, great. If you look at it and say… “hmm, not quite perfect, I want better… then go for it.

      Your room sounds very much like my theater, though, so I would not consider your surfaces to reflect enough light to have a measurable effect, let alone have a visible effect on the image. -a

  • Nocturnaloner

    Art, do you have knowledge of what the 3D settings on the Epson 5030UB actually do to the image? I know we can all tinker with the settings and make observations, but I am looking for someone with knowledge of 3D technology and content, who can state definitively what the settings 3D Brightness, 3D Depth, and 3D Screen Size do to the projected image, and how those settings interact. These settings are common on most 3D displays as well, and real facts about what they do is shockingly scarce online. A call to Epson tech support gives you someone who will read you the manual pages. I can do that, but I’m looking for in depth knowledge.


      Hi Nocturn…

      I could try to answer about screen size and depth controls, but that’s more technical than I can really express with confidence, as I’m normally far less concerned about “how things work” as I am about how things turn out.

      But, I’d suggest you address this one to Ron Jones, who writes our Technical focused blog. Ron’s the engineer, who loves those details. He may not be able to answer precisely for the Epson, but in general, should be right up his alley. Just go to his blog, and toss him a similar comment. -art

      • Nocturnaloner

        Art, I did that a few days ago, but I don’t have a reply from him yet. So that brings up a few things about the new site’s organization. If you think of it and refer to it as “technical blog” then there really ought to be a link to that, at least in the footer. Right now it’s “home-theater-and-projectors”, which isn’t useful on a site called, and was obviously set that way for SEO purposes. Really, all you need to do is set up technical-blog as an alternate, and it will be fine. The other thing is, as a user, I need a link in the admin panel to take me to all my comments, since comments on a blog act as the forum. Just my two cents! Thanks.


          Hi Noc!

          Ron is a blogger, and he should see any comment you post on his blog, although I’ll double check, to make sure he’s getting notified. We just got Disqus notifications working for me for my blog and all comments coming in on the site. Let’s chalk that up to we’re not quite there yet. I’m trying to get our site’s developer finished with bugs etc. They are too slow, so once they sign off, hopefully by the month end, I’ll start looking for other folks to get some other improvements made.

          As a blogger, Ron blog’s at least once a month, but Ron doesn’t necessarily check for comments every day (or two). But I will touch base with him, see if we can get an answer. And see if he’s getting his notifications.

          As to the admin panel. There’s another area of “work in progress” Your point is a good one, and I honestly can’t tell you a) what access you currently have, nor what access we intend you too have, but we do want to expand capabilities. By end of this year, we even hope to have a section where subscribers can post images of their set ups, and discuss them with each other. (The budget didn’t allow for that on the first pass.) -art

  • ray

    I need calibration cetting for d3


      3D? We are not yet calibrating projectors in 3D mode. 2D only. Sorry bout that! -art

  • ray

    I returned my Epson 5030ub and got the Epson 6030ub, any advance calibration with this new one.


      The projectors are effectively the same except for the exterior case color and the warranty. Use the same settings! -art

  • Guitar Dude

    I’m a bit confused as I am new to calibrating projectors. Sorry for the silly question!

    I just bought an EH-TW8200. However it doesn’t have THX mode. I’ve noticed you have posted ‘Basic Settings’ fro RGB offset calibration and gain settings.

    And I have noticed that you have also posted more extreme RGB calibration settings in the ‘Advanced Settings’ for THX mode in the subscriber access only Advanced settings.

    Which RGB offset and gain settings do I use for my Cinema mode?

    The ‘Basic RGB Settings’, the ‘Advanced RGB Settings’ (even though they are for THX mode) or do I leave everything in default?

    Thanks for posting these. The image looks great!


      Hi “dude”,

      OK, first, you were correct, seems there were errors on the regular calibration page for grayscale. They have been fixed.

      Since you have a TW8200 you don’t have a THX mode, but you should have a Cinema mode. We found the Cinema and THX modes to measure almost identically, let’s say within the margin of error of our gear, so use our settings in Cinema mode. That should do the trick. If you don’t have a Cinema mode, then it’s probably Theatre Black 1 (which was used on US versions too, until a few years ago.)

      Hope that answers everything. post and let us know how you like the TW8200, and how the color looks with our settings, compared, to say, the defaults. -art

      • Guitar Dude


        Sorry – just to confirm…So therefore I should use all the most extreme RGB, offset and gain settings for THX on User1?


        i.e. All settings for THX? As under the THX setting in:

        ‘Settings for measurements (default values are in parenthesis)’


        ‘Calibration Settings’



  • Guitar Dude


    Can you answer one question for me please.

    For Cinema mode on my Epson EH-TW8200: Do I leave Gamma at 0 or do I need to set it at 2?

    Or do I need to set each band individually?



  • Viveak Majithia

    Hi… Just got the tw9200 which i am presuming to be i don’t have the thx mode at all.. Also I am completely confused on the calibration and what mode to calibrate etc. Paid subscriber so have the advanced calibration page but don’t know how to use the info. Please help


      Hi, sorry, overlooked your comment until now. It’s not hard, take your time. You’ll find all the controls you need on the Image menu. start with the same mode we are using on the page – since yours doesn’t have a THX mode, use, I believe, Cinema or Theater (dark). Everything you need is in the Image menu.

      Do brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. Next: There are two sets of color controls, probably both in the Advanced sub-menu. Do the color balance – really the grayscale balance) where you put in the two numbers (called Gain and Bias) for each of Red, Green and Blue. Then go to the CMS in the Advanced menu, and put in the three numbers for each primary and secondary color. Then, if it suggests a different gamma, you can go to the gamma sub-menu, which should be there too.

      Epson’s manuals typically show just about every menu, so you should be able to find things – just don’t panic. and have fun. -art

  • Vic

    Hi Art,
    I have an EPSON 6030UB, thank you very much for the advanced settings, THX mode performs excellent.
    My personal video tastes prefers the Living Room mode because of its lumens output. I tried replicating, in the Living Room mode, your THX and Dynamic advanced settings but the results are not good, so I’m asking for your help about the best calibration settings for Living Room mode. Thanks so much.


      Hi Vic, Sorry, I looked back at the 5030UB review. We normally only do two calibrations – a best – ie.THX mode, and a “brightest.”

      But the goal of brightest, isn’t t obtain fully calibrated color, rather to have a more watchable image (i.e. less green/yellow excess) than the default brightest mode. (Dynamic), with the requirement of not sacrificing too much brightness.

      Seems Mike did his “quick-cal” for that purpose using the brighter Dynamic mode. So I have no numbers for living room mode. sorry. -art

  • William Overbeck

    Hi Art, I got a couple questions regarding the advanced calibration.

    On the basic page, it says +1 for Contrast under THX, but the advanced page says +12. I’m guessing it’s +1?

    Are the CMS settings for RGBCMY used on both Dynamic and THX? It doesn’t state.

    Lastly, I don’t see a mention of “Epson Super White” while under THX. Should that be on or off?


  • Zach Kirk

    Hey there, I’m wondering if the color management settings apply to both the THX and “brightest” Dynamic modes. I feel like based on what was said in the article you may have only done the color management (with the significant reduction in green) to Dynamic?


      Hi Zack, Generally, and in this case, I’m pretty sure that includes Epson (I don’t calibrate projectors anymore, I just read the same notes our calibrator provides), the CMS controls calibrating each primary and secondary color individually for Hue Saturation and Brightness. That is normally global – affecting all modes, because the goal is to have pure reds, greens, yellows etc. without any other colors intruding, that is, red should be pure red, not hint of yellow to make it slightly orange etc.

      By comparison, the grayscale calibration – balancing red green and blue to get not only the correct color temp (6500K in the case of normal movies), but the correct balance between the three (you can have 6500K, with a too much green, etc.

      That’s why you see multiple grayscale settings – one for each picture mode, but only one CMS calibration of the 6 primary and secondaries. -art

  • Darryl

    Hi there how are ya? I was wondering if now u have calibration settings for living room mode on a Epson 5030ub projector please let me know thanks